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Groeiend marktaandeel: Scientist.com maakt belangrijke benoemingen bekend na aangaan samenwerkingen met Europese farmaceuten

Scientist.com bouwt aan sterk bestuursteam voor explosief groeiend bedrijf en benoemt leidinggevenden in Verenigd Koninkrijk, Duitsland, Spanje en Frankrijk

LONDEN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Scientist.com, de grootste online marktplaats voor uitbestede wetenschappelijke diensten, heeft in het Verenigd Koninkrijk een dochteronderneming opgezet, Scientist.com Ltd, en een reeks belangrijke vacatures gevuld in Europa. Deze stap volgt op de recente bekendmaking van Scientist.com van nieuwe samenwerkingen met acht grote farmaceutische bedrijven die op grote onderzoekscampussen in Europa actief zijn.

Onder het nieuwe personeel voor de Europese uitbreiding van Scientist.com zijn onder anderen Tom Dexter, vicepresident Business Development (VK); Christoph Schittny, vicepresident Strategic Partnerships (Duitsland); Laura Benitez, PhD, senior directeur Business Development (Spanje); Mark Livingstone, PhD, accountmanager (Frankrijk); en Sarah Harkcom, juridisch adviseur (VK).



Gaining Market Share: Scientist.com Announces Key Hires after Signing Partnerships with Multiple European Pharmas

Building its strong leadership team to address explosive growth, Scientist.com adds new executives in the UK, Germany, Spain and France

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Scientist.com, the life science industry’s largest online marketplace for outsourced scientific services, announced today that it has formed a UK subsidiary called Scientist.com Ltd and made a series of important hires across Europe. This follows Scientist.com’s recent announcement of new partnerships with eight large pharmaceutical companies that operate major research campuses across Europe.

New personnel leading the Scientist.com European expansion include Tom Dexter, VP Business Development (UK); Christoph Schittny, VP Strategic Partnerships (Germany); Laura Benitez, PhD, Sr. Director Business Development (Spain); Mark Livingstone, PhD, Account Manager (France); and Sarah Harkcom, General Counsel (UK).

“As we rapidly expand the Scientist.com marketplace in Europe, it is essential that we continue to support our clientele with outstanding sourcing professionals,” stated Tom Dexter, Scientist.com’s Vice President, Business Development, formerly of AstraZeneca and Rolls-Royce PLC, “I am excited to be part of such a distinguished set of new employees, all of whom have extensive experience in life science research procurement.”

Europe is the birthplace of most multinational companies that comprise the modern pharmaceutical industry and is still home to numerous pharmaceutical headquarters and research campuses. For the past three years, Scientist.com has operated research marketplaces on campuses throughout Europe. The company supports more than 30 European currencies, including the Euro, GBP, Swedish krona and Swiss franc, and has over 600 signed European research suppliers.

“Our expanded presence in Europe will help us offer outstanding customer service to our new European pharmaceutical partners,” stated Christoph Schittny, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, formerly of Bayer and Shering AG. “Scientist.com is continuing to drive innovation in the global research outsourcing space.”

About Scientist.com

Scientist.com is the world’s leading marketplace for outsourced research. We connect scientists with 2,250 pre-signed commercial suppliers offering discovery, pre-clinical and clinical services. The marketplace simplifies the entire research sourcing process, saving time and money and providing access to the latest innovative tools and technologies while maintaining full compliance with an organization’s procurement policies. Scientist.com operates private enterprise marketplaces for most of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies, VWR International and the US National Institutes of Health (NIH). Since its founding in 2007, Scientist.com has raised more than $33 million from Leerink Transformation Partners, 5AM Ventures, Heritage Provider Network, Bootstrap Ventures and Hollywood producer Jack Giarraputo among others. Visit scientist.com to learn more.

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