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Life Line Screening breidt uit naar DNA en klinisch-wetenschappelijk onderzoek

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Life Line Screening, leider in preventieve gezondheidszorg, verdiept zijn distributiemodel voor persoonlijke patiëntzorg. Het bedrijf breidt uit naar DNA-tests en klinisch-wetenschappelijk onderzoek om patiënten toegang tot precisiegeneeskunde te verschaffen.

De uitbreiding is een logische vervolgstap voor de onderzoekstak van het bedrijf, die met de analyse van zijn database met acht miljoen gegevens tientallen papers en presentaties heeft voortgebracht. Onderzoekspartners zijn onder meer faculteiten van het NYU-Langone Medical Center, de Universiteit van Oxford en de Universiteit van Californië in San Francisco.



Life Line Screening Expands Product Base to DNA, Clinical Trials

Unique face-to-face model empowers consumers with more information about their health and helps speed the development of new drugs to market

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Life Line Screening, a leader in community-based preventive healthcare, is deepening its delivery model of face-to-face patient care to provide access to advanced precision medicine through DNA testing and clinical trials.

This expansion is a natural outcome of the company’s already rigorous research arm, which has resulted in dozens of papers and presentations that analyze the company’s eight million record database. Research partners include faculty at NYU-Langone Medical Center, Oxford University, and University of California, San Francisco.

Life Line Screening pioneered the community-based screening market when it started more than twenty years ago, and helped set the standard for mobile vascular and laboratory testing.

The company’s unique in-person consultations, coupled with more than 15,000 community locations across the country, provide a rare opportunity to evaluate individuals for disease risk factors, perform on-site clinical testing, and utilize qualified health professionals such as nurse practitioners to educate consumers about clinical trial opportunities. Life Line Screening has already demonstrated the ability to quickly and effectively leverage its point of care platform to recruit for more than 60 clinical trials – outperforming more traditional approaches by orders of magnitude.

Sean Schultz, CEO of Life Line Screening says, “In addition to finding disease early and arming physicians with data for medical management, we are uniquely positioned in the healthcare continuum to disrupt traditional clinical trial recruitment models and help speed the delivery of new medications to market. We screen 50,000 – 60,000 people per month and have a relationship with them over decades. While we are in the early stages of this initiative, we are rapidly developing in sophistication. We have a significant amount of subjective data but more importantly, objective screening data as well. DNA offerings will further enhance the customer experience and provide more fruitful insights to the research community.”

“Our goal is to create a medical model that is tailored to the individual patient, with information that enables decisive action specific to that person,” says Schultz. “The advancements in technology are developing fast, and our adaptable model of patient outreach and service delivery allows us to jump ahead of other companies.”


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