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MEDIA BRIEFING — Team streeft naar XPRIZE voor Alzheimer


Een multi-disciplinair team is opgericht om te werken aan een XPRIZE voor de ziekte van Alzheimer, een ziekte waaraan op dit moment 5,5 miljoen mensen in de Verenigde Staten lijden en 259 miljard dollar kost – cijfers die naar verwachting exponentieel stijgen door de vergrijzing van de VS. Wereldwijd lijden naar schatting 50 miljoen mensen aan de ziekte.


Donderdag, 7 september , 11.00 – 12.00 Eastern Time


George Vradenburg, JD, oprichter en bestuursvoorzitter UsAgainstAlzheimer’s

Ken Dychtwald, PhD, oprichter en ceo van Age Wave
Lisa Genova, PhD, neurowetenschapper en auteur van de bestseller Still Alice
Philip Edgcumbe, PhD, teamleider voor internationale impact






MEDIA BRIEFING — Team Seeks XPRIZE for Alzheimer’s



A multi-disciplinary team has been formed to work towards creating an XPRIZE for Alzheimer’s disease, currently afflicting more than 5.5 million people in the U.S. and costing $259 billion — numbers that are expected to grow exponentially as the U.S. population ages. Worldwide, almost 50 million are estimated to suffer from the disease.


Thursday, September 7, 11am-12pm Eastern Time


George Vradenburg, JD, co-founder and chairman, UsAgainstAlzheimer’s

Ken Dychtwald, PhD, founder and CEO, Age Wave
Lisa Genova, PhD, neuroscientist, author of best-selling Still Alice
Philip Edgcumbe, PhD, global impact team leader


Dial-in #: 800-550-1215 (International callers: +1 213-233-3011)

Please RSVP to Robyn Reynolds at rreynolds@agewave.com.

There will be a Q&A session at the end of the call. Please submit any questions to questions@agewave.com.


The initiative is to create the next XPRIZE for Alzheimer’s, specifically identifying a biotarget than can predict and prevent the disease.
Existing approaches track the disease far too late. A predictive, non-invasive bio-target would unleash a new era of interventions and targeted treatments that would have the best chance of succeeding and saving lives.
In addition to Vradenburg, Dychtwald, Genova and Edgcumbe, a world-class team of scientists, advisors and advocates have joined forces to propel this XPRIZE initiative, including: Maria Shriver, activist, journalist, former first lady of California; Geoffrey Ling, MD, PhD, former Founding Director of bio-tech at DARPA; Rudi Tanzi, PhD, Professor of Neurology, Harvard University; Reisa Sperling, MD, Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School; Ajay Verma, MD, PhD, CMO, at United Neurosciences; Daniel Kraft, MD, Founding Executive Director Exponential Medicine, Singularity University; and Cori Lathan, PhD, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AnthroTronix.


XPRIZE, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is the global leader in designing and implementing innovative competition models to solve the world’s grandest challenges. XPRIZE utilizes a unique combination of gamification, crowdsourcing, incentive prize theory, and exponential technologies as a formula to make 10x (vs. 10%) impact in the grand challenge domains facing our world. XPRIZE’s philosophy is that—under the right circumstances— igniting rapid experimentation from a variety of diverse lenses is the most efficient and effective method to driving exponential impact and solutions to grand challenges. Active competitions include the Google Lunar XPRIZE, the Global Learning XPRIZE, the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE and the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, http://www.xprize.org/.


Jeannette O’Connor, 202-302-3268
Joconnor@usagainstalzheimers.org< /a>
Age Wave
Robyn Reynolds, 510-899-4004

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