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World Innovations Forum van start in Luzern, Zwitserland

LUZERN, Zwitserland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Ruim 1200 innovatiekenners uit vijftig landen, onder wie ondernemers, investeerders, incubators, accelerators, mentoren en economisch-ontwikkelaars, bundelen hun krachten om de urgentste problemen van ondernemerschap op te lossen.  Het World Innovations Forum vindt van 6 tot 8 juni 2018 plaats in de Zwitserse stad Luzern. Een verdubbeling van het slagingspercentage bij ondernemers in 2035 – waardoor welvaart beter wordt verdeeld – is het hoofddoel. “Wij richten ons op internationaal gelijk verdeelde welvaart”, zei Axel Schultze, medeoprichter en bestuurslid van het WIForum.



World Innovations Forum Launching in Lucerne, Switzerland

LUCERNE, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Approximately 1,200 innovation stakeholders from 50 countries, including entrepreneurs, investors, incubators, accelerators, mentors, and economic development officers expect to join forces for the first time, solving the most burning challenges of entrepreneurship. The World Innovations Forum takes place in Lucerne, Switzerland, June 6 to 8 2018. Doubling entrepreneurial success rate by 2035, creating more equality for prosperity is the main objective. “Our mindset is on global prosperity equality,” said Axel Schultze, co-founder and board member of the WIForum.

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From left to right: Axel Schultze (Co-Founder and Board Member), Marita Schultze (Founding Member), ... From left to right: Axel Schultze (Co-Founder and Board Member), Marita Schultze (Founding Member), Prof. Dr. René Zeier (Co-Founder and CEO), Manuela Rantra (Marketing Manager) (Photo: Business Wire)

Conference topics are reported in advance and include: fundraising, mentorship, taxation, legal barriers, lack of ecosystems, lack of entrepreneurial mindset, societal issues and more. The main objective is to define immediate actions, stopping the so-called brain drain, where young entrepreneurs move to other countries, reducing the ability of their country’s innovation development.

Carol Ackermann, a founding member about the difference to other conferences: “From listening to exploring and making – a truly global initiative with the mutual understanding: ‘the more you put in the more you get out.’” Only a few, but very igniting keynote speakers will inspire this forum.

Participating countries are organizing monthly “national startup competitions.” The winners from each country will be invited to Lucerne in 2018 and compete for the world’s best startup. The organization will help several hundred innovative entrepreneurs to gain global visibility at no cost to the startups.

“We don’t want to be an elite club, but make sure the most qualified people join the forum,” said Rene Zeier, co-founder and CEO of the WIForum. Attendance is either by invitation or confirmed application only.

For businesses from any country to equally represent themselves in the WIForum, sponsorship levels are based on gross domestic product per capita (GDP/C). A lead sponsor from Rwanda would pay €750 while the same sponsor level from a French business would be asked to pay €38,000.

Khem Lakai, WIForum ambassador from Nepal: “Challenges we face in Nepal may be different from Nigeria, France, or Japan and never in our history the world comes together to this scale to share, and solve entrepreneurial problems of today and tomorrow.”

World Innovations Forum was founded by a group of entrepreneurs and investors from multiple countries. More information http://wiforum.com


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