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Malong Technologies: Eerste Chinese AI Bedrijf hoofdrolspeler bij G20 Young Entrepreneurs Conference

SHENZHEN, China – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Malong Technologies, een internationale leverancier van productherkenningstechnologie, spreekt vandaag op de G20 Young Entrepreneurs Conference in Berlijn over zijn innovatieve kunstmatige intelligentie platform.

Matthew Scott, CTO van de prijswinnende start-up, onthult hoe zijn team ProductAI® bouwde, een cloud-based service die het voor bedrijven en ontwikkelaars makkelijk maakt om wereldwijd AI te gebruiken voor visuele productherkenning.

Malong Technologies creëert een succesvol ‘intelligent oog’, waardoor machines op menselijke wijze producten visueel kunnen waarnemen, waaronder buigzame spullen zoals kleding en stoffen, die in het verleden niet nauwkeurig door computers werden herkend zonder barcodes.

Malong Technologies: First Chinese AI Company Headlines at G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Conference

SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Malong Technologies, an international provider of product recognition technology, today addresses the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Conference in Berlin about its breakthrough artificial intelligence platform.

Matthew Scott, CTO of the multi-award winning startup, reveals how his team built ProductAI®, a cloud-based service that makes it easy for businesses and developers to leverage world-class AI for visual product recognition.

Malong Technologies creates a high performance ‘intelligent eye’ that enables machines to have human-like visual perception of products, including non-rigid objects like fashion and fabrics, which have been historically infeasible for computers to recognize accurately without barcodes.

Launched in 2016 after two years of R&D, ProductAI® has successfully answered over one billion image requests from users in China, and enables retailers and manufacturers in sectors such as fashion, textiles, furniture, wine, stock photography and automotive industries to improve efficiency, product quality and create new value-added features.

Its technology can visually search through 20+ million item product catalogs in less than a second to find specific items taken from images in the physical world, connecting it to the digital one. The company passed several rounds of selective screening and assessment to represent China as delegates at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Conference in Berlin.

Matthew Scott, Malong Technologies CTO and Co-Founder, explains: “ProductAI enables any developer or enterprise to leverage the most accurate deep learning computer vision algorithms for product recognition. With a swipe of a credit card, product intelligence can be rented in the cloud for pennies on the dollar. We also provide solutions for private cloud or IoT embedded hardware as well. No longer only the capability of academia and corporate giants, AI is now open for all to tap into to make better products.”

In 2015, Malong Technologies graduated with honors from the highly selective Microsoft Ventures Startup Accelerator in Beijing. It employs over 50 engineers and research scientists from Google, Microsoft, and Oxford University’s world-renowned VGG group. In 2016, the company won the first “AI Pioneer” award from Microsoft and received other first place prizes for its AI at technology competitions held by Amazon and NVIDIA.


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