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SERMO kondigt gigantische internationale uitbreiding aan, nu beschikbaar in meer dan 150 landen

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SERMO – het grootste sociale netwerk voor artsen dat crowdsourcing in de geneeskunde op revolutionaire wijze verandert – heeft vandaag nieuwe stappen gezet in zijn streven artsen wereldwijd te verenigen door uit te breiden naar meer dan 150 landen. In de afgelopen jaren heeft SERMO fundamentele veranderingen teweeggebracht in de manier waarop medici hun expertise delen, medicijnen beoordelen, communiceren met vakgenoten en moeilijke casussen oplossen. De uitbreiding stelt deze vitale informatie beschikbaar aan artsen in alle zeven continenten.

Het ledenaantal van SERMO is van 130 in 2012, toen SERMO fuseerde met WorldOne, gestegen tot 650.000 leden voorafgaand aan de uitbreiding van vandaag – vanaf vandaag bestaat het netwerk uit bijna 800.000 artsen.



SERMO Announces Massive Global Expansion, Now Available in More Than 150 Countries

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SERMO – the largest global social network for physicians that is revolutionizing medical crowdsourcing – today furthered its goal of uniting doctors worldwide by expanding to more than 150 countries. In recent years, SERMO has fundamentally changed the way physicians share their expertise, evaluate prescription drugs, communicate with peers, and solve tough patient cases. Today’s expansion will make this vital information available to physicians across all seven continents.

SERMO’s membership has grown from 130,000 in 2012, when SERMO merged with WorldOne, to 650,000 total members prior to today’s expansion – now, the network includes close to 800,000 physicians.

“Doctors are busier than ever, but SERMO makes it faster and easier for us to connect with peers from around the world,” said Dr. Massimo Lanzaro, a psychiatrist from Italy. “We can compare experiences about treatment options, discuss what is really important to us, get help on complex cases – and we know we are only talking with other experts who understand our situation. I am eager to learn together with the newest members of the network.”

Providing access across continents delivers on SERMO’s mission to unite physicians around the world, facilitating opportunities to participate in conversations ranging from day-to-day practice and treatment decisions, to rating and soliciting information about prescription drugs via SERMO’s recently launched offering, Drug Ratings. Drug Ratings is the first and only global peer-to-peer prescription drug review system sourced exclusively from verified licensed physicians, available to all physicians registered on the SERMO platform. With over 300,000 drug ratings gathered since the beta launch began last year, Ratings enables doctors globally to share prescription drug treatment experiences with their peers, transforming how physicians around the world make prescribing decisions in their daily practice.

“A free exchange of information is crucial for the evolution of healthcare, and SERMO will play an important role in shaping this evolution,” said Peter Kirk, CEO of SERMO. “We have dedicated ourselves to revolutionizing real-world medicine and this expansion further delivers on that mission. On the heels of the launch of our innovative Drug Ratings platform, SERMO is elevating the practice of medicine as physicians across different specialties, languages and areas connect with one another. This new, expanded flow of expert knowledge can make a real impact; it means doctors can access peer advice, no matter where they log-in from, to better serve their patients in the developed and developing worlds. A doctor based in a rural community in Africa can now collaborate on a case with a specialist at Johns Hopkins – at no cost and very quickly – to support better outcomes.”

About SERMO & SERMO Drug Ratings

SERMO is the leading global social network for physicians where close to 800,000 fully verified and licensed physicians from more than 150 countries talk real-world medicine, collectively solve cases, respond to healthcare polls, and earn honorarium from surveys.

Drug Ratings was developed by SERMO and SERMO physicians. The statistical methodology behind Ratings was developed and verified independently by biostatistics consultants led by Lee-Jen Wei of the Blue Null Consulting Group.

SERMO is also the world’s largest healthcare professional (HCP) polling company. The SERMO research network is comprised of 1.8 million HCPs and includes 40 percent of the U.S. physician population. Most of the 700,000 surveys SERMO conducts annually are among specialist physicians – over 70 percent of physician members are specialists. Learn more athttp://www.SERMO.com.


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