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KAL lanceert KAL Cloud

EDINBURGH, Schotland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Het mondiale bedrijf in geldautomaatsoftware KAL presenteert met blijdschap de nieuwe versies van zijn toonaangevende software met cloud-ondersteuning voor geldautomaten. De nieuwe software faciliteert compatibiliteit aan de achterkant, maar ook Cloud-ondersteuning. Hierdoor kunnen klanten van KAL hun software laten draaien in een private Cloud binnen de bank of zelfs, indien gewenst, in publieke Cloud-infrastructuur, zoals Microsoft Azure.

Omdat de bankensector transformeert, vernieuwt KAL in hoog tempo zijn geldautomaatsoftware om te voldoen aan moderne eisen en voorbereid de nieuwe technologische golf tegemoet te treden. De huidige generatie software is dusdanig ontworpen dat het perfect draait binnen geldautomaten, vergelijkbaar met Microsoft Office op een Windows-PC. Aangezien de softwarebranche verschuift richtinng Cloud-based producten, streven banken ernaar deze ontwikkelignen te benutten ter ondersteuning van softwaremodellen, zodat ze de volgende generatie geldautomaatnetwerken met nieuwe architectonische concepten kunnen opbouwen.



KAL Launches KAL Cloud

EDINBURGH, Scotland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Global ATM software company KAL is delighted to announce the availability of new versions of its industry-leading ATM software with Cloud support. The new software allows backwards compatibility as well as Cloud support so that KAL’s customers can run the software in a private Cloud within the bank or even on public Cloud infrastructure such as Microsoft Azure if they wish to do so.

As the business of retail banking is being transformed, KAL ATM software is rapidly innovating to meet today’s challenges and be prepared for the next wave of technology. The current generation of ATM software is designed to run within the ATM much like running Microsoft Office on a Windows-based PC. As the software industry has evolved to include more Cloud-based offerings, banks are looking to leverage the advancements made to support those software models and build their next generation of ATM networks using new architectural concepts.

But moving to new architectures does not have to mean the loss of past gains. KAL software remains standards-based and continues to support open standards such as XFS and nexo as it moves to the Cloud. Not only that, KAL supports mixed architectures where some ATMs (eg off-premise ATMs on slow connections) can continue to use an IoT Edge architecture while branch-based ATMs can use a full Cloud implementation. All of this can be achieved along with KAL’s industry-leading ATM management and monitoring with KTC.

KAL’s Cloud architecture was first used by a major German bank in live production in 2016 and rollout has continued since then. Indeed, KAL also demonstrated with this project an additional feature of Kalignite Cloud – the ability to run on non-Windows ATMs. The hardware in this case was a mixture of Linux machines and firmware-based machines with no OS at all.

By using the best technology today and in the future, banks can ensure that their networks are highly efficient, always available and operate at the lowest cost. It is critical that banks of all sizes plan for their next generation ATM network incorporating the best ideas and technologies and KAL can help them achieve their goals.

To find out more about KAL Cloud, visit the KAL website.

About KAL

KAL is a world-leading ATM software company and the preferred supplier to world mega-banks such as Citibank, UniCredit, ING and China Construction Bank. KAL’s standardized software gives banks full control of their ATM network, reducing costs and improving competitiveness.


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