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Achttiende eBay-veiling van Power Lunch met Warren Buffett voor GLIDE loopt van 4 tot 9 juni

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– GLIDE kondigt met blijdschap de achttiende jaarlijkse de veiling van een Power Lunch met Warren Buffett door eBay for Charity aan. Dit jaar loopt de door eBay for Charity georganiseerde veiling van zondag 4 juni 07.30 p.m. (PDT) tot vrijdag 9 juni 07.30 p.m. (PDT). De jaarlijkse Power Lunch met Buffett steunt GLIDE in haar streven dakloze, arme en kwetsbare inwoners van San Francisco onvoorwaardelijke steun en liefde te geven. De hoogste bieder krijgt de kans met Buffett en zeven vrienden te lunchen bij Smith & Wollensky in New York. Biedingen beginnen vanaf 25.000 dollar. Alle bieders moeten zich voorafgaand aan de veiling aanmelden op eBay.com/GLIDE. Tot op heden is met hulp van eBay for Charity meer dan 23 miljoen dollar opgehaald voor GLIDE.



GLIDE’s 18th Annual eBay Auction for Power Lunch with Warren Buffett, Runs June 4 – 9

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– GLIDE is pleased to announce the 18th Annual eBay for Charity Auction for Power Lunch with Warren Buffett . Offered through eBay for Charity, bidding for this year’s auction runs Sunday, June 4 at 7:30pm PDT to Friday, June 9 at 7:30pm PDT. The annual Power Lunch with Buffett has supported GLIDE in its mission to provide San Francisco’s homeless, poor and most vulnerable residents with unconditional support and love. The winning bidder will have the opportunity to dine with Buffett and seven friends at Smith & Wollensky in New York City. The bidding starts at $25,000 and all bidders must pre-qualify prior to bidding at eBay.com/GLIDE . To date, with the help of eBay for Charity, over $23 million has been raised for GLIDE.

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GLIDE co-founder Rev. Cecil Williams, Warren Buffett, GLIDE co-founder Janice Mirikitani (Photo: Bus ... GLIDE co-founder Rev. Cecil Williams, Warren Buffett, GLIDE co-founder Janice Mirikitani (Photo: Business Wire)

“Mr. Buffett is a steadfast believer in the power of inclusion and opportunity, and that’s what we provide to San Francisco’s most marginalized residents. Through our programs, we are a beacon of hope and a sanctuary of unconditional love for all,” said GLIDE’s Co-Founder and Minister of Liberation Reverend Cecil Williams.

“Everyone that has experienced GLIDE comes away a believer,” said Buffett. “They have to see it to believe it, but when they see it, they do believe it.”

“We believe in building bridges, not walls,” said GLIDE Co-Founder Janice Mirikitani. “Warren Buffett and the generous bidders enable us to provide a holistic array of high-quality services that meet critical needs, improve lives and elevate the human spirit.”

“With eBay for Charity, we make it easy for every transaction to have a meaningful impact for thousands of charities,” said eBay’s President and CEO Devin Wenig. “To date, our platform has helped raise over $725 million dollars. We continue to be huge supporters of GLIDE and hope this auction will help further its mission of promoting equality and inclusiveness for all.”

The winning bids have ranged from $25,000 (prior to eBay’s involvement) to $3,456,789. Funds raised go directly to support GLIDE’s programs, which help people overcome hunger, poverty and homelessness.

For more information about the Auction , please contact 415.674.6060, Buffett@GLIDE.org or visiteBay.com/GLIDE. For more information about GLIDE, please visit GLIDE.org.


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