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Arabia CSR Network boekt succes met eerste opleidingen voor duurzaamheidsrapportage volgens internationale standaard in Midden-Oosten

DUBAI, Verenigde Arabische Emiraten–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The Arabia CSR Network (ACSRN) heeft voor het eerst in het Midden-Oosten opleidingen in duurzaamheidsrapportage volgens criteria van het Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) verzorgd. De door GRI gecertificeerde opleidingspartner ACSRN bood in Dubai een driedaagse cursus in het Engels aan. De lessen bestonden uit colleges, discussies, opdrachten en casusstudies.

De cursus behandelde de standaarden van GRI, de eerste internationale standaard voor duurzaamheidsrapportage, inclusief een overzicht van deze criteria en methodes waarmee maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemers en duurzaamheidsprofessionals de standaarden kunnen implementeren in het rapportageproces.



Arabia CSR Network Successfully Conducts Middle East’s First Ever Training on Global Standards for Sustainability Reporting

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The Arabia CSR Network (ACSRN) has successfully conducted the Middle East’s first round of training for Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards for Sustainability Reporting. Held recently in Dubai, ACSRN, a certified training partner of GRI, offered the three-day course in English, covering lectures, discussions, exercises and review of case studies.

The course covered GRI Standards, the first global standards for sustainability reporting, including an overview and how CSR and sustainability practitioners can implement them throughout their reporting process. The course featured presentations on the main concepts and disclosures under the G4 Guidelines, featuring a new modular structure and format with clear reporting requirements. GRI Standards were developed by the Global Sustainability Standards Board, GRI’s dedicated standard-setting body.

Habiba Al Marashi, President and CEO of ACSRN, said: “We are very proud to be the first in the region to offer the essential training for GRI’s Standards for Sustainability Reporting. The move demonstrates the increasing importance of sustainability reporting and the important role it plays in keeping your business at par with global business practices. Our accredited trainers were able to provide best-in-class training via a modular and integrated system, which made it easy for practitioners to implement their sustainability initiatives using the GRI format.”

The training focused on the frameworks of the standards, how to apply these in actual reporting, the process of putting together a GRI Standards compliant report, and best practices from actual reports. The training will allow the participants to use the right methodology for putting together their sustainability reports. Participants also got to take home a certificate each, presented by GRI for successful completion of the course.

Editor’s Notes

The Arabia CSR Network is a professional multi stakeholder organization established in the UAE in 2004. It was the first GRI certified training partner for the Arabic speaking Middle East countries. The Arabia CSR Network promotes, encourages and recognizes responsible business practices through a bunch of services and offerings, including trainings, research and best practice, advisory services, third party assurance and a Pan-Arab acclaimed award initiative known as the Arabia CSR Awards. For more information, please visitwww.arabiacsrnetwork.com.

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