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Effectieve controle op polymeergehalte van afvalwater vanaf nu beschikbaar dankzij samenwerking AppliTek-AQRatio

NAZARETH, België & EGLOFFSTEIN, Duitsland –(BUSINESS WIRE)– AppliTek NV, specialistisch producent van online-analysemiddelen en controlesystemen, heeft het genoegen zijn nieuwste analysesysteem te presenteren, EZ-Charge®. Dit systeem verlaagt de potentieel torenhoge kosten die gepaard gaan met controle op de hoeveelheid zwevende deeltjes in afvalwater. Het nieuwe analysemiddel is tot stand gekomen in samenwerking met AQRatio (Duitsland), een bedrijf dat is gespecialiseerd in analyse en controle van rioolslib.

“Voor zover we weten is ons online-analysemiddel EZ-Charge het enige commercieel verkrijgbare systeem in zijn soort. Het overtreft de gebrekkige meetmethoden die momenteel worden gebruikt voor controle op het gehalte polymeren”, zei David Laurier, ceo en vicevoorzitter van de raad van bestuur van AppliTek.


Effective Control of Polymer Dosing in Wastewater Treatment Plants Now Possible with New AppliTek-AQRatio Collaboration

NAZARETH, Belgium & EGLOFFSTEIN, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)– AppliTek NV, specialist manufacturer of on-line analyzers and monitoring systems, has the pleasure to announce its latest analytical solution, called EZ-Charge ®, for reducing the potentially skyrocketing costs that come with controlling the amount of suspended solids in waste water treatment. The novel water analyzer has been developed in cooperation with AQRatio (Germany), a company specialized in sewage sludge analysis and control.

“As far as we know, our EZ-Charge on-line analyzer is the only system commercially available on the market and beats existing and flawed measuring techniques which are currently being used to control the dosing of polymers” said David Laurier, CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board at AppliTek.

Polymers such as coagulants and flocculants are used in chemical separation, a process involving the precipitation of suspended solids in dirty water. Separation is commonly used in waste water treatment and surface water intake for potable water. Due to the dynamic character of many water treatment works it is difficult to measure and control the actual optimal dosing of the chemicals.

In an attempt to control the dosing of the chemicals, operators rely on a number of existing indirect or manual analytical methods that hardly contribute to process transparency. In many cases, “optimal” dosing is based on trial and error, at the expense of excess chemicals.

On-line monitoring is an excellent tool to cope with the dynamic character of water treatment works and provides operators real-time data to take corrective actions when needed. The EZ-Charge ® is developed to meet the needs of operators to effectively measure and control the charge density.

Field tests in water treatment works in Germany, including one of the biggest plants in Germany have demonstrated that the EZ-Charge ® provides meaningful information to the personnel in the field. Adopting a control strategy based on EZ-Charge ® data will assure a process with real-time control, efficient dosing, less giveaways and, in the end, considerable savings for the end user.

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AppliTek is a specialist manufacturer of on-line, automatic analyzers and monitoring systems used in a myriad of environmental and industrial applications. Every day, companies and authorities rely on AppliTek on-line analyzers to monitor and control their assets and operations, in order to achieve compliance, to increase efficiency, to reduce costs and even to enhance safety. For further information about AppliTek, visit www.applitek.com.

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AQratio is a leader sludge analysis & independent advice in the field of sewage treatment plants (both industrial and municipal). For further information about AQratio, visit www.aqratio.de.


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