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Mondiaal succes voor Solcon Industries’ DriveStart met middenspanning

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)—Twee jaar gelegen is Solcon Industries met de introductie van DriveStart zijn belofte nagekomen: de creatie van motorbesturing met middenspanning die minder kost en een kleinere voetafdruk heeft dan een frequentieregelaar. “Een van onze klanten had behoefte aan een eenvoudige, maar ook gecompliceerde oplossing – een motor op snelheid laten komen”, zei Gil Briman, ceo. “Ze hadden te kampen met een gebrekkig elektriciteitsnet en hoge kosten op piekmomenten. De DriveStart heeft niet alleen de problemen van deze klant opgelost, maar viel ook in goede aarde bij klanten uit de internationale industriële sectoren.”

Global Success for Solcon Industries’ Medium Voltage DriveStart

Innovative Motor Control Delivers Full Control and Reduces Energy Usage

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Two years ago, Solcon Industries released the DriveStart to deliver on a promise – create a medium voltage motor control that costs less and requires a smaller footprint than a variable frequency drive (VFD). “One of our customers required a simple, yet complicated solution – bring a motor up to speed,” said Gil Briman, CEO. “They were dealing with an insufficient power grid and paying high charges during peak times. The DriveStart not only solved their issues but was embraced by our customers across the global industrial landscape.”

Solcon Industries’ DriveStart, the first of its kind, IGBT based Medium Voltage Soft Starter with ratings of 6.6KV up to 750A (Photo: Business Wire)


For over 40 years, Solcon Industries has delivered innovative solutions. The DriveStart, an IGBT-based medium voltage soft starter, is available up to 6.6kV at 750A, and is the perfect addition to Solcon’s motor control solutions. “Solcon has remained a global leader in industrial motor controls because we listen,” says Jonathan Barrie, Senior Director of Product Management and Global Marketing. “Our products have earned a solid reputation due to their long, successful life out in the field. The DriveStart follows our corporate tradition.”

How does Solcon help customers with insufficient power grids? On a turbo vacuum blower at a paper mill in Indonesia, a DriveStart was commissioned to overcome issues with a weak power supply, high inertia start and other conditions. The DriveStart limited the starting current to lower than nominal as it accurately controlled the speed in order to prevent over speed. “The DriveStart’s integrated Solcon Data Logger and control program accurately adjusted the acceleration of the motor load to optimize the power usage,” says Mr. Barrie.

The Drivestart solved issues for other customers. “We created a great motor control and now it’s commissioned in other fields including mining, gas production, sludge pumps and others,” says Mr. Briman. “It started as a simple solution to help fill one customer’s request that turned into a global success.”

Learn about the DriveStart – http://www.solcon.com/Medium-Voltage/drive-start.html


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Solcon Industries is a global leader in solid state motor starters and control systems across the industrial landscape. Solcon designs, develops and manufactures a complete line of low & medium voltage soft starters ranging from 4 KW – 50 MW, motor controls and motor protection.


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