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Polewall AS test met succes transportsysteem voor 200 Gbps, draadloze verbinding met snelheden van glasvezel zijn realiteit

Noorse start-up Polewall heeft vorige week met succes nieuw optisch 5G-transport van 200 Gbps getest, in samenwerking met Tier-1-leveranciers.

“De combinatie van lage productiekosten en capaciteiten voor hoge snelheden maken dit tot revolutionair product”, zegt ceo Jan Eide.

KRISTIANSAND, Noorwegen–(BUSINESS WIRE)– De tests zijn een week lang op uitnodiging van RISE Acreo – een toonaangevend Zweeds onderzoeksinstituut voor communicatiesystemen met optisch vezel en voormalig Partner van Polewall voor een EU-project –  uitgevoerd onder toeziend oog van verschillende Tier-1-leveranciers en netwerkexploitanten.

Jan Eide, oprichter en ceo van Polewall, gaat verder: “We hebben gelijktijdig snelheden van 100 Gbps bij 1310 nm en 100 Gbps bij 1550 gehaald via dezelfde link. We maten de resultaten met twee testsets voor 100 Gbps en zijn erg tevreden over de resultaten, die zonder fouten waren.”



Polewall AS successfully tests 200 Gbps transport solution, wireless fiber-like speed is now a reality

KRISTIANSAND, Norway–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Hosted by RISE Acreo, the leading Swedish research institution for fiber optical communication systems and previous collaborator with Polewall on a EU project, tests were performed throughout the week under the watchful eyes of various Tier 1 suppliers and operators.

Polewall founder and CEO Mr. Jan Eide continues “We ran 100 Gbps at 1310 nm and 100 Gbps at 1550 nm combined over the same link at the same time. We measured the results with two 100 Gbps test sets and are very pleased with the results, which were error free.”

Targeting small cells and 5G, Polewall has developed a new compact, low cost, optical wireless transport platform capable of transmitting both front- and backhaul traffic across distances up to 250 meters at fiber-like speed.

“The 1 Gbps version is ready for commercialization, and we are ready to commercialize 100 Gbps and higher speeds on market demand”, Mr. Eide adds.

Optical wireless transport, also called Free Space Optics (FSO) has been around since the 1970s, but has historically not had much commercial success. Driven by consumers’ unstoppable demand for mobile bandwidth, operators are now looking for rapid and low cost means of connecting densely deployed capacity-related 4G and 5G access points to their networks. It is becoming increasingly clear to all industry players that in order to meet the roll-out targets going forward, operators have to use all available tools in the transport toolkit”, Dr. Evgeny Vanin of RISE Acreo said in a comment, adding that “ Optical wireless is license free world wide. The technology utilizes infrared light and is therefore also interference free.”

About Polewall

Polewall is a technology company based out of Kristiansand, Norway focused on providing high bandwidth fronthaul and backhaul solutions for small cells, FTTx, LAN Bridging and vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity. Using an optical wireless platform, Polewall’s StreetHopper is able to deliver fiber-like speeds and latencies in an easy-to-deploy package.



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