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Grimaldi’s Pizzeria kondigt internationale uitbreiding naar Verenigde Arabische Emiraten aan

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Grimaldi’s Pizzeria heeft vandaag aangekondigd internationaal uit te breiden en in de komende vijf jaar vijf pizzeria’s te openen de Verenigde Arabische Emiraten, elk volgens het wereldberoemde concept met steenoven op houtskool. De internationale overeenkomst behelst een samenwerking met Tablez Food Company en is Grimaldi’s eerste uitbreiding buiten Noord-Amerika.

Tablez Food Company – gespecialiseerd in de ontwikkeling van unieke concepten rond eten en drinken – was de eerste keus van Grimaldi’s, omdat het brede ervaring heeft in internationale uitbreiding in de regio van andere franchiseondernemingen. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is een van de meest bekroonde pizzeria’s van de Verenigde Staten en de enige luxe pizzeria die de felbegeerde Five Star Diamond Award heeft gewonnen. De franchiseketen is het eerste en enige pizzarestaurant uit het portfolio van Tablez.


Grimaldi’s Pizzeria Announces International Development Agreement for Expansion into United Arab Emirates

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Grimaldi’s Pizzeria announced today, the company plans to expand internationally by opening five of its world-famous, coal-fired, brick-oven pizzerias in the United Arab Emirates over the next five years. Partnering with Tablez Food Company to ensure a seamless expansion, this international franchise agreement represents Grimaldi’s first brand expansion beyond North America.

Tablez Food Company, an entity specializing in the development of unique food and beverage concepts, was the premiere partner of choice for Grimaldi’s due to its vast experience in international expansion efforts in the region with other notable franchise ventures. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, one of the most awarded pizzerias in the United States and the only upscale pizzeria to be bestowed the coveted Five Star Diamond Award, represents the first and only pizza concept in Tablez’s renowned portfolio.

“Since its inception, Grimaldi’s has been singularly focused on serving exemplary food to its guests. That is why we recognized this international franchise opportunity as being an ideal partnership,” explained Grimaldi’s Pizzeria CEO Joseph Ciolli. “Not only will we be able to treat new UAE customers to a truly uncompromised, coal-fired New York pizza experience, but also benefit from the reassurance that comes from working with Tablez, far and away the UAE’s finest food and beverage group.”

“Our vision of becoming the UAE’s leading player in the food & beverage retail sector is clearly furthered by this partnership,” said Tablez Food Company CEO Shafeena Yusuff Ali. “By bringing a world-class brand like Grimaldi’s Pizzeria to the region, our customers will enjoy a truly unique offering of great tasting coal-fired pizza, made with the freshest, high-quality ingredients. Grimaldi’s brings a long-standing reputation for excellence – and it is that consistency of product and passion that makes it the ideal brand to introduce to UAE.”

Beyond the Middle East, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria has engaged other investment groups in key growth markets around the globe in an effort to secure multi-unit franchise partners to introduce and develop the brand in regions including Southeast Asia, South America, Central America, Europe, Mexico, Canada and Australia.

For more information on Grimaldi’s Pizzeria’s international expansion efforts, visit: https://www.grimaldispizzeria.com/international_growth.aspx

To learn more about international franchise opportunities with Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, visit: https://www.grimaldispizzeria.com/international_qualifications_process.aspx.

To inquire about becoming an international franchisee, click here: https://www.grimaldispizzeria.com/franchise_apply.aspx

About Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Founded in Brooklyn, New York, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria has been consistently chosen as America’s undisputed favorite coal-fired pizza offering. From its 1200-degree coal-fired ovens that deliver impeccable pies and calzones, topped or filled with the freshest ingredients, Grimaldi’s has seen its enthusiastic customers support drive expansion to 50 company-owned restaurants across the United States. The brand’s signature coal-burning ovens produce a unique flavor and crust crispness that is just not possible from gas, convection, or wood burning methods. Grimaldi’s contends that their ongoing brand success correlates directly with three simple principles – People, Product and Service. For more information, please visitwww.grimaldispizzeria.com.

About Tablez

Tablez Food Company is the F&B arm of the prestigious Lulu International Group LLC; a highly diversified group headlined by the retail division with presence in Imports & Exports, Trading, Shipping, IT, Travel & Tourism, Hotels, Mall Development, Hyper Markets and Education in addition to F&B in the present day.

Established in 2010, Tablez Food Company specializes in unique home grown, international and local cuisines as well as partnering with leading franchising concepts with renowned success and exceptional food quality. The company dedicates itself to creativity and innovation by bringing new concepts that offer truly inspiring dining experiences to their guests. Currently, Tablez operates 35 outlets in the region with concepts including Peppermill, Bloomsbury’s, London Dairy, Famous Dave’s BBQ, Cold Stone Creamery®, Sugar Factory, Galito’s and Genghis Grill. Tablez will continue to see a series of new food concept launches over the next two years. For more information, visit http://www.tablez.com/.


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