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Yourtyres.co.uk recommends: prepare for the upcoming season in good time, and be smart about stocking up

HANOVER, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Yourtyres.co.uk, the online wholesale shop from Delticom, Europe’s largest tyre dealer, recommends that specialist tyre stores and vehicle businesses stock up on summer and all-season tyres in plenty of time for the upcoming season. “Tyre dealers and workshops should be thinking about brand trends, and should be smart about stocking up early”, advises Andreas Faulstich, Head of B2B at Yourtyres.co.uk.

Above all, Faulstich sees a growing trend for SUV/offroad tyres. This is borne out by current figures from vehicle market researchers, JATO Dynamics: according to them, the growth of the SUV market is continuing apace. In 2016, the number of SUV registrations increased by 21.4 % to 3.9 million vehicles. This means that a quarter of all new cars registered in Europe are SUVs.

“When considering price-conscious SUV drivers who nevertheless do not want to compromise on quality or safety, the Yourtyres.co.uk range offers dealers a number of exciting alternatives”, says Faulstich. “For example, as a premium partner of VIKING tyres, we are able to offer attractive prices on VIKING’s SUV tyre range. This enables our wholesale customers to achieve interesting margins.” At Yourtyres.co.uk, various dimensions of the VIKING City Tech II SUV tyre are available for small or medium-sized SUVs, while the XL ProTech HP meets the needs of large SUVs.

In addition, the importance of Delticom’s comprehensive services and product ranges will continue to grow for tyre dealers and vehicle companies in 2017. “Through our partnership approach and B2B services, we want to support our wholesale customers in maximising their opportunities”, explains Faulstich. “Even with the best preparation, flexibility remains important in meeting a wide range of needs quickly and conveniently. We provide this to our wholesale customers through our comprehensive product range, short delivery times, and fair payment options.”

“Additional services such as the wheel storage tool on the deltipartners.com platform enable companies to expand their business by offering new services, and provides them with easy ways to capture new customer groups”, explains Faulstich. “And through Yourtyres.co.uk’s fitting partner approach, stationary offline trade also benefits from growing online sales in Delticom’s end-user shops such as Mytyres.co.uk.”

About Yourtyres.co.uk

Yourtyres.co.uk is the exclusive online store from Delticom AG for workshops, retailers, wholesalers, tyre fitters/service stations and car accessories. With over 15 years’ expertise in the online tyre business, the Yourtyres.co.uk specialist B2B team offers its clients a spectacular range of car and motorbike tyres of all brands and dimensions for all types of vehicles, tyres for light trucks, trucks and buses, custom tyres, complete wheel sets, car spare parts and accessories, engine oil and batteries. In addition to favourable purchasing conditions, retail clients benefit from the online shop’s time-saving tyre search function, high availability, reliable delivery thanks to in-house warehouses, as well as a simple registration process with no hidden costs – from the very first tyre.

Information about the company: www.delti.com

Tyre tests: www.tyretest.com


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