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UNICEF nomineert Sharjah als eerste kandidaat voor Kindvriendelijke stad in Arabische regio

SHARJAH, Verenigde Arabische Emiraten–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Sharjah is na zijn baanbrekende uitverkiezing tot ‘s werelds eerste Babyvriendelijke stad op weg de eerste Kindvriendelijke stad in de Arabische regio te worden volgens het UNICEF-project ‘Child Friendly Cities’ (CFC).

Het Baby Friendly Office van het op twee na grootste emiraat zet zich in voor de implementatie van de kernelementen van het CFC Initiative, waaronder indicatoren als de kwaliteit van kinderopvang en onderwijs, inspraak van kinderen binnen hun gemeenschap, hun veiligheid en gelijke kansen. Sharjah presenteerde zich als kandidaat voor een Kindvriendelijke stad met de lancering van zijn eigen Sharjah Child Friendly City Project (SCFC).


UNICEF Announces Sharjah as the Arab Region’s First Candidate City for Its ‘Child Friendly Cities’ Initiative


SHARJAH, United Arab Emirates–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Following its ground-breaking achievement of becoming the world’s first Baby Friendly City in December 2015, Sharjah – the United Arab Emirate’s third largest emirate – is now set on becoming the first ‘Child-Friendly City,’ in the Arab region, following the global, UNICEF-led ‘Child Friendly Cities’ (CFC) Initiative.

The Sharjah Baby Friendly Office will work to implement the core components of UNICEF’s CFC Initiative, which include performance indicators like quality of childcare and education, children’s participation in their community, their safety and equal opportunities, Sharjah was announced as a candidate for becoming a Child Friendly City, launching its own ‘Sharjah Child Friendly City Project’ (SCFC).

The first panel discussion mapping the 10 core components needed to put in place and implement the SCFC action plan took place in Sharjah, and discussed the action points for Sharjah’s key stakeholders participating in the project’s implementation phase.

Obtaining the title will be the next in a series of important milestones Sharjah has reached over the past 30 years of dedication and hard work to better the overall quality of life of children and young adults.

The UNICEF Child Friendly Cities Initiative was launched in 1996 to promote the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child at the level where it has the greatest direct impact on children’s lives – in the cities where they live.

The Sharjah Child Friendly City Project seeks to drive the emirate forward as a strong candidate city for the UNICEF CFC Initiative, highlighting its care and commitment to children from birth to 18 years of age. Sharjah’s adoption of the project marks its intent to expand the mandate and scope of its highly successful ‘Sharjah Baby Friendly Emirate Campaign’, which targeted new born babies aged 0-2 years.

The Sharjah Baby Friendly Office was established in June 2016 and aims to protect and elevate the status and wellbeing of children of all ages in Sharjah. It creates relevant strategies and plans and implements them in cooperation with relevant institutions and government authorities.


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