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Cmed presenteert op Dpharm Europe nieuwe generatie technologie voor versnellen en stroomlijnen klinisch onderzoek

HORSHAM, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Cmed, een innovatieve en technologisch georiënteerde organisatie voor uitbesteed onderzoek, heeft vandaag bekendgemaakt deel te nemen aan Dpharm Europe: Disruptive Innovations op Advance Clinical Trials (8 en 9 februari 2017, Londen). Hier stelt het zijn nieuwe, cloudbased klinische-datapakket tentoon: encapsia™. Graham Belgrave, operationeel bestuurder van Cmed, presenteert encapsia™ in de sessie Innovative Sources & Solutions: Quickfire Disruptor, die op woensdag 8 februari plaatsvindt tussen 16.30 uur en 17.00 uur. Hij laat daarbij zien hoe een flexibele, nieuwe aanpak klinisch wetenschappelijk onderzoek kan vereenvoudigen en stroomlijnen.



Cmed Presents New Generation Technology to Speed and Streamline Clinical Trials at Dpharm Europe


HORSHAM, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Cmed, an innovative technology-led CRO, today announced its participation at Dpharm Europe: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials (8-9 February 2017, London), where it will showcase its cloud-based, new generation clinical data suite, encapsia™. Graham Belgrave, Chief Operations Officer at Cmed, will introduce encapsia™ in the “Innovative Sources & Solutions: Quickfire Disruptors” session on Wednesday 8 February between 4:30pm and 5:00pm, and highlight how a truly flexible, new seamless approach can simplify and streamline clinical trials.

Available now, encapsia™ heralds a new era for clinical trials by providing a much needed solution to the ever-rising complexity and cost of clinical research. With new and better options to collect, query, clean, visualize and analyze clinical data in real time, all within one clinical data suite, encapsia™ allows Cmed to significantly enhance the delivery of clinical trials – saving time and money.

Throughout the conference, Cmed will demonstrate some of the exciting capabilities of encapsia™ for increasing trial efficiency, improving timelines and reducing cost, at booth #2. encapsia™ is unlike any of the existing “last generation” systems and offers integrated, multiple ways for data capture, including mobile eSource, multi-media capture via an iPad and web eDC via a very modern, fast user interface. Powerful, configurable visualizations give live actionable insights and immediate analytics of a trial, allowing issues and trends to be identified and analyzed easily and rapidly.

Attendees will also be able to find out about Cmed’s full suite of services, which ranges from full-service to stand-alone solutions and functional services, such as biometrics, as well as learn about the company’s significant experience in bringing innovation to the design and conduct of complex and demanding clinical trials.

To schedule a meeting with the Cmed team during Dpharm Europe, contact Louise Holliday, Director of Business Development, at lholliday@cmedresearch.com.

About Cmed

Cmed is an innovative, full service technology-led CRO. Cmed brings together experienced people and technology, providing customers with a friendly, proactive service, and delivers this service using advanced clinical data capture, management and reporting software and processes. Cmed’s new generation clinical data suite, encapsia™, streamlines the capture, management and reporting of clinical data, saving customers time and money. Clinical data can be captured flexibly by eSource, multi-media and web eDC, while being displayed in live visual insights, providing live analytics, and allowing within suite audit trailed actions. It is fully compliant with regulatory guidelines, and allows integration with existing systems. For more information visit www.cmedresearch.com.


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