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BOC Group kondigt versie ADONIS NP 4.5 aan: beste BPM-pakket in zijn klasse

AMSTERDAM–(BUSINESS WIRE)– “Meer dan modellering” is de belofte van de volledig web-based tool voor business process management. Dit hulpmiddel stelt gebruikers niet alleen in staat processen te modelleren, maar helpt hen ook met functies voor uitgebreide analyse, rapportage en samenwerking.

BOC Group luistert bij iedere ontwikkeling van ADONIS NP goed naar klanten en verwerkt hun ervaringen in meer dan 5000 geslaagde cliëntprojecten. Dit keer is het BPM-aanbod van topklasse, volledig uitgerust met intelligente modelleringsfuncties voor groter gebruiksgemak. De verruimde workflowconcepten maken het nu mogelijk meerdere workflowsequenties uit te brengen om daadwerkelijk tegemoet te komen aan de behoeften van uw organisatie. Ook is het nu mogelijk offline HTML-exports van uw processen te creëren die gemakkelijk aan exporteurs over te dragen zijn.


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BOC Group Announces the Release of ADONIS NP 4.5: The Best-In-Class BPM Suite!


DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– “More than modelling” is the promise of the 100% web-based BPM tool, since the tool not only allows for process modelling, but also comes with comprehensive analysis, reporting and collaboration features.

In each development of ADONIS NP, BOC Group listens closely to customers and incorporates the experience gathered in more than 5,000 successful client projects. This time, the best-of-breed BPM suite is fully packed with smart modelling features for greater ease of use. Extended release workflow concepts now allow for multiple release workflow sequences to truly meet the needs of your organization. On top of that, it is now possible to create offline HTML exports of your processes that can easily be passed on to your external auditors.

Tobias Rausch, ADONIS Product Manager, is convinced: “Using the capability to configure multiple release workflow sequences, teams working with ADONIS NP 4.5 can now build tailored release workflows, unique to one or more organizational units or departments. These extensions allow for more collaboration and transparency in quality management.”

Details on the most important new features of ADONIS NP are available on the BOC Group website. BOC consultants are at the disposal of interested parties and offer free demonstrations of ADONIS NP 4.5.

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The BOC Group develops software products and services for effective and extensive management of all capabilities and assets within your organization. The main focus lies on improving Process Management and Enterprise Architecture capabilities as well as facilitating better Governance and Compliance.

ADONIS global customers include, among others, Airbus Military, Allianz, Baxter, DHL, Generali and Telefonica.

We deliver our products and services with over 200 employees spread across Athens, Berlin, Dublin, Madrid, Paris, Vienna, Warsaw and Winterthur and with more than 90 partners around the globe.


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