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World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit voor het eerst buiten VS als HD-stream uitgezonden

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– De Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) heeft vandaag bekendgemaakt dat het een livestream verzorgt van de uitverkochte vijfde editie van de World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit voor kijkers buiten de Verenigde Staten. De top, inclusief keynotetoespraken en paneldiscussies, wordt gratis gestreamd.

De top wordt op 3 en 4 februari kosteloos als HD-stream uitgezonden buiten de Verenigde Staten. De livestream begint op vrijdag 3 februari om 14.00 uur (Pacific time) en eindigt op zaterdag 4 februari om 19.00 uur (Pacific time). Om uzelf vooraf aan te melden, kunt u de site www.patientsafetymovement.org/summit bezoeken. De content wordt vervolgens opgeslagen en beschikbaar gesteld om de website voor binnenlandse en internationale kijkers.




For the 1st Time, the Annual World Patient Safety, Science& Technology Summit Will Be Streamed Live in HD Outside of the United States


IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The  Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) announced today that it will offer livestreaming of the sold-out 5 th annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit to viewers outside of the United States. The summit program, including keynote speakers and panels, will be streamed free of charge.

On February 3 rd and 4 th, the Summit will be broadcasted live in HD outside the United States, free of charge. The livestreaming will begin 2:00 pm pacific time on Friday, February 3 rd and will conclude Saturday, February 4th, 7:00 pm pacific time (times may be subject to change). To pre-register, please visit www.patientsafetymovement.org/summit. The content will also be recorded and available on the website after the event for both domestic and international viewing.

“We are excited to offer live streaming this year for those people outside the United States that have found it difficult to join us live,” stated Joe Kiani, Founder and Chairman of the Patient Safety Movement.

About Patient Safety Movement Foundation

More than 200,000 people die every year in U.S. hospitals and 3 million worldwide in ways that could have been prevented. The Patient Safety Movement Foundation was established through the support of the Masimo Foundation for Ethics, Innovation, and Competition in Healthcare, to reduce that number of preventable deaths to 0 by 2020 (0X2020). Improving patient safety will require a collaborative effort from all stakeholders, including patients, healthcare providers, medical technology companies, government, employers, and private payers. The Patient Safety Movement Foundation works with all stakeholders to address the problems and solutions of patient safety. The Foundation also convenes Patient Safety, Science and Technology summits. The Summits bring together some of the world’s best minds for thought-provoking discussions and new ideas to challenge the status quo. By presenting specific, high-impact recipes to meet patient safety challenges, called Actionable Patient Safety Solutions, encouraging medical technology companies to share the data for whom their products are purchased, and asking hospitals to make commitments to implement Actionable Patient Safety Solutions, Patient Safety Movement is working toward zero preventable deaths by 2020. Visit http://patientsafetymovement.org/.

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