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Connect+ Awards: Biolog-id wint prijs “Best Solution for Industrial Smart Objects”

BERNAY, Frankrijk–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Biolog-id heeft de prijs voor “Best Solution for Industrial Smart Objects” gewonnen met zijn systeem waarmee een bloedzak volledig te traceren is. Het bedrijf nam de prijs donderdag 8 december 2016 in ontvangst tijdens de prijzenceremonie Connect+ Event van de vakbeurs Smart Industries in Parijs.

Biolog-id heeft een volledig geïntegreerd systeem ontwikkeld dat garandeert dat bloedzakken efficiënt kunnen worden geïdentificeerd, gevolgd en aangestuurd – van donor tot patiënt. Dat gebeurt binnen een systeem dat via medische software in transfusie- en/of behandelcentra. Deze smart-bags garanderen dat transfusies veilig zijn en dat de juiste bloedzak bij de juiste patiënt komt.



Connect+ Awards: Biolog-id Receives “Best Solution for Industrial Smart Objects” Award


BERNAY, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Biolog-id received the “Best Solution for Industrial Smart Objects” award for its complete blood bag traceability solution during the Connect+ Event awards ceremony on Thursday, December 8, 2016, part of the Smart Industries show in Paris.
Biolog-id has developed a fully integrated system that guarantees blood bags can be efficiently identified, tracked and managed from donor to patient within a system that is always connected using medical software at transfusion and/or treatment centers. These smart bags guarantee transfusions are safe by ensuring the right blood bag is delivered to the right patient.
Bags are identified and traced using RFID tags. Smart cold storage facilities store blood in optimal conditions and make it easy to track stock levels and movements in real time. The entire system is controlled by a dedicated IT solution that is compatible with the majority of existing operating systems.

Biolog-id President Pierre Parent says, “This award is an excellent reward for the teams who worked on this product. They’re seeing the quality and relevance of their work recognized by the main players who are impacted by the major changes the industrial sector is experiencing.”

Connect+ Event is a show focused on Professional Smart Objects and a stakeholder in the “Convergence for the Industry of the Future” event, which brings together MIDEST, Smart Industries and the Convergence Forum. This show was encouraged and inaugurated by French President François Hollande and has an international reach.

About Biolog-id
Biolog-id is a French company that designs, develops, and markets management and traceability solutions for health products, in particular labile blood components (red blood cell concentrate, platelets and therapeutic plasma), plasma for fractionation for manufacturing blood-derived drugs and injectable chemotherapy products.
In 2015, the LFB Group, Biolog-id and the Etablissement Français du Sang announced the introduction of an RFID traceability system developed by Biolog-id for all bags containing plasma. The company’s in-depth knowledge of RFID traceability has led to its position as the worldwide leader in sensitive health product traceability. http://www.biolog-id.com
Biolog-id is supported by Xerys Gestion, a portfolio management company accredited by the French financial markets authority (A.M.F.), specializing in private equity.


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