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H3 Dynamics lanceert HYWINGS, een onbemand vliegtuig met brandstofcel voor vluchten van tien uur

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)– H3 Dynamics onthult HYWINGS, een met de hand te lanceren onbemand luchtvoertuig dat vluchten van tien uur kan uitvoeren een daarbij vijfhonderd kilometer kan afleggen (video).

HYWINGS heeft een totaalgewicht van 7 kilogram. Het luchtvoertuig legt langere afstanden sneller af en maakt een einde aan de noodzaak van katapulten of startbanen, die vereist zijn voor grotere, zwaardere en duurdere systemen. Dit vertaalt zich uit minder veldwerk, waardoor operators aanzienlijk kunnen besparen.



H3 Dynamics Launches HYWINGS, a Fuel Cell Electric UAV Capable of 10h Flights


SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)– H3 Dynamics unveils HYWINGS, a hand-launchable Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) capable of 10 hour flight durations and distances of up to 500km (video).

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HYWINGS hydrogen fuel cell UAV is capable of 10 hour flights. (Photo: Business Wire)HYWINGS hydrogen fuel cell UAV is capable of 10 hour flights. (Photo: Business Wire)

At a total take off-weight of just 7kg, HYWINGS can cover larger areas of land faster, while removing the need for catapult launchers or runways typically required by larger, heavier and more expensive systems. This translates to less time spent in the field, greatly reducing costs for operators.

For UAV manufacturers, HYWINGS demonstrates technology deployed in flight, skipping months or years of testing in the lab, thereby reducing development costs while accelerating go-to-market.

As a miniaturized electric aircraft of the future, HYWINGS is also a step towards enabling larger platforms. With further improvements to its technology in combination with new aircraft designs, HES sees the feasibility of 50 to 80 hour electric flight durations in both unmanned and manned aircraft configurations.

HYWINGS is part of growing product line-up at H3 Dynamics, which includes HYCOPTER, a hydrogen-electric multi-rotor platform, and DRONEBOX, a remotely operated drone charging station which can self-sustain in the field for up to 2 years.

Aerospace-grade fuel cell technology, which can be 3 to 5 times lighter than lithium batteries is the result of a 10-year evolution at HES Energy Systems, an H3 Dynamics subsidiary. HES Energy Systems is now working on field-refueling systems as accessories to HYWINGS and HYCOPTER platforms. Unlike much larger refueling stations designed to fill up to 300kWh worth of hydrogen in fuel cell cars, HES is designing small and portable refueling systems able to fill up 1kWh storage tanks, which is enough to fly HYWINGS for 6 hours.

About H3 Dynamics http://www.h3dynamics.com

Based in Singapore and Austin (TX), H3 Dynamics is a full-stack tele-robotics solutions provider comprising three separate subsidiaries, with an offering that ranges from visual analytics on-demand, to unattended sensors and drones, and advanced energy storage systems.

About HES Energy Systems http://www.hes.sg

HES Energy Systems, an H3 Dynamics subsidiary, develops ultra-light, high energy density power systems enabled by fuel cells and various on-demand hydrogen supply solutions.


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