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Hottinger lanceert nieuw, internationaal multi-familiebedrijf dat steunt op 230-jarige bankiersgeschiedenis

LONDEN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Volgend op de fusie van de Groupe Financiere Hottinger & Co Limited en Archimedes Private Office Limited en de daaropvolgende goedkeuring door de FCA, maakt de nieuwe Hottinger Group zijn oprichting wereldkundig. Nadat de voordelen van de reorganisatie volledig zijn verwezenlijkt, hebben de gecombineerde activa in beheer een totale waarde van meer dan 1 miljard pond.

De unieke structuur van dit nieuwe multi-familiebedrijf, waarin het bestuur en de families samen eigenaar van het holdingbedrijf zijn, garandeert dat de betrokkenen altijd dezelfde belangen hebben.



Hottinger Launches Its New International Multi Family Private Office, Building on 230 Years of Banking Legacy


LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Following the merger of Groupe Financiere Hottinger & Co Limited and Archimedes Private Office Limited and its subsequent approval by the FCA in July, the newly formed Hottinger Group announces its launch. Once the full benefits of the restructuring have been delivered the combined assets under advice and management are expected to exceed £1bn.

The unique structure of this new multi-family office, where senior management and families are joint owners of the holding company, ensures interests are always aligned.

From its offices in Dublin, London and Geneva the new Group offers a wide range of family office services designed for its wealthy families. As well as the more traditional investment, credit, insurance and corporate advisory services the Group provides staffing and administrative support to their clients, an invaluable but difficult to deliver service.

All services are focused on the needs and expectations of wealthy international families, many of whom have become disillusioned with the traditional private banking model and who now demand excellence, accountability and impartial advice for their family.

Hottinger will focus on delivering such high-end support to its qualifying clients with the help of best in class offerings such as WDX One™ for customer relationship management, AMEX Centurion™, individualised Chubb Signature™ insurance and staffing from Quintessentially People™, a Hottinger Group company.

The Group currently provides investment advice and management to charities and will shortly be announcing a unique new family office initiative which encompasses corporate responsibility and philanthropic activities alongside ethical and responsible investing strategies.

The Hottinger family name has been woven into the rich tapestry of European history, and been instrumental in economic and financial market developments since 1786, when they opened their first bank in Paris. Over the years the family have been at the forefront of funding paradigm shifting technologies such as the Trans-Siberian railways, early investment in electricity and public water works in France as well as being one of the premier families in the opening up of transatlantic banking and ocean trade in the early 1800s.

The newly formed group is proud to continue the association with the illustrious family and, especially to welcome Frédéric Hottinger as Global Ambassador.

“We are delighted to be in the enviable position of offering the combined clients of Hottinger and Archimedes a broader service and deeper expertise as a result of this merger. We are not only able to embrace the newest technology to provide information more succinctly, swiftly and securely than ever before but, more importantly, we will focus on investing time with clients, listening and helping them navigate both the challenges and opportunities found in business, finance and family life. We believe the new Hottinger structure is uniquely placed to provide this contemporary family office service to qualifying clients,” added Mark Robertson, CEO of Hottinger Group.

For more information or to request an interview with the CEO, please contact Lucy Carmody, Head of Business and Operations, on 07891 066543 or lucy.carmody@hottinger.co.uk


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