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Tsjechisch Constitutioneel hof bevestigt treiteren en intimidatie van dr. Shahram Zadeh

PRAAG–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Het Constitutioneel hof van Tsjechië heeft op 13 september geoordeeld dat de arrestatie van dr. Shahram Zadeh een vergissing was die de rechtbank van Brno heeft gerectificeerd. Het Constitutioneel hof verklaart dat men “na de omschrijving van de relevante feiten, niet kan ontkennen dat de hele zaak – vanuit het oogpunt van Shahram Zadeh – een hinderlijke, treiterende dimensie heeft.”

Advocaten van Zadeh betogen dat de uitspraak van het Constitutioneel hof over het treiterende en intimiderende karakter van de zaak niet anders kan worden opgevat dan een bevestiging van de slechte intenties en het machtsmisbruik van de openbaar aanklagers Jiří Kadlec en Aleš Sosík en de rechter Aleš Novotný.


Czech Constitutional Court Confirms Bullying and Harassment Case Against Dr. Shahram Zadeh


PRAGUE–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Czech Constitutional Court presiding judge Vojtech Šimiček on September 13, 2016, has ruled that the arrest of Dr. Shahram Zadeh was a mistake which the regional court of Brno has rectified. The Constitutional Court Resolution states, “in description of the relevant facts, one cannot overlook a certain – from the view of [Shahram Zadeh] – vexatious, bullying dimension of the whole case.”

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Czech Constitutional Court confirms bullying and harassment of Dr. Shahram Zadeh by prosecution. (Ph ... Czech Constitutional Court confirms bullying and harassment of Dr. Shahram Zadeh by prosecution. (Photo: Business Wire)

Lawyers representing Dr. Zadeh argue that, based on the ruling of the Constitutional Court confirming the bullying and harassment dimension of the entire case, cannot be interpreted in any other way than confirmation of bad intentions and abuse of power in public office by the prosecutors – Jiří Kadlec, Aleš Sosík and judge Aleš Novotný.

“Considering that all state authorities are bound to decision of constitutional court, we have filed a criminal complaint to the Supreme State Attorney against Jiří Kadlec, Aleš Sosík and judge Aleš Novotný for their possible serious crime of abuse of power in public office and we demand a transparent investigation to hold all those involved in this crime accountable,” said former deputy supreme state attorney and constitutional law expert Zdeněk Koudelka.

The abuse of power by the High State Attorney office in other cases is the subject of investigation of the Czech Parliament Investigative Committee, presided by former Justice minister Pavel Blažek.

Zadeh, a Czech businessman of Iranian descent, who is facing charges of tax evasion amounting to $100 million, spent 22 months in custody and was released on a record bail of $6 million (150 million, CZK). However, after paying bail and while in detention awaiting release, the police arrested him again based on what is now known to be a non-existent extradition request from Iran. Zadeh regards this abuse of power, now recognized by the Constitutional Court, as a deliberate attempt to tarnish his image and reputation.

Zadeh’s case has put new light on alleged unlawful practices of Czech prosecution that is comparable to the communist era Czechoslovak secret police harassment of its citizens. All evidence in favor of Zadeh submitted to the court were either deliberately not presented to the prosecution, or stolen from the file after being registered in the court documents.

“How can you trust the criminal justice system when the police falsify reports for the purpose of extending my custody, then after using it secretly without the knowledge of the defense, the prosecution steals these from the file and comes up with a new non-existent crime,” said Zadeh, “while judge Aleš Novotný ignores the stolen evidence and abuse of power by the police and prosecution.”

During court proceedings to date, several defendants who have never met or known Zadeh have stated that they were pressured and threatened by the police to give statements against Zadeh despite not knowing him, in order for the prosecution to extend Zadeh’s custody in 2015. The trial is set to continue from 5 th October with Zadeh’s own testimony.


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