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Evatic kondigt overname Tesseract aan

HIGH WYCOMBE, Engeland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Evatic, een toonaangevende verkoper van software voor servicebeheer, heeft het Britse softwarebedrijf Tesseract gekocht. De overname verbetert en verrijkt het productportfolio van Evatic, waarmee het bedrijf methodes voor servicemanagement verstevigt en gebruikerservaringen verbetert.

Service Centre van Tesseract is software-as-a-service voor zowel hosted services als diensten op locatie. Het cloudbased platform maakt toegang op afstand mogelijk met slechts een desktop en internetverbinding, zodat buitendienstmedewerkers verbonden blijven. Klanten zijn onder meer G4S TechnologiesToshiba America Business Solutions en Espresso Service Ltd.



Evatic Announces Acquisition of Tesseract


HIGH WYCOMBE, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Evatic, a leading service management software vendor has acquired Tesseract, a UK based service management software company. The acquisition strengthens and complements Evatic’s product portfolio, fortifying the industry’s approach to service management and improving the end-user experience.

Tesseract’s Service Centre is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product, offered both as a hosted service and also on-premise. The cloud based platform enables remote access, keeping field service agents fully connected and requires only a desktop and internet connection. Customers include well-known companies, G4S TechnologiesToshiba America Business Solutions and  Espresso Service Ltd.

Evatic is a flexible and multifunctional service management system. The comprehensive service management system keeps track of service contracts and service level agreements (SLAs); enhancing business efficiencies and driving cost savings across a variety of sectors.

Synergies between the two brands are extensive. The end-to-end nature of both Evatic and Tesseract, their penetration of the global marketplace and the host of industries they are both active in highlight the learnings they will pool to the benefit of customers. Industries served include office and medical equipment, industrial kitchens, maintenance and catering/vending companies.

“Having worked alongside the Tesseract team for many years, we are extremely happy to bring Tesseract into our product family” says Pål M. Rødseth, CEO of Evatic. “Tesseract‘s cloud based platform will make a great addition to the Evatic software suite, solidifying a compelling business proposition for the market across a range of products, industries and geographies.”

“I believe that Tesseract is in the best hands going forward”, says Colin Brown, founder and CEO of Tesseract. “With their global reach and a European HQ, the two brands’ stories reveal compelling similarities. This acquisition marks the beginning of a fruitful and conducive relationship, and I am confident that the product and the customers will continue to thrive under Evatic ownership”.

About Evatic

Evatic is a leading European service management software company with the head office in Trondheim, Norway and offices in Sweden, Germany, France, Poland and Singapore. With a global reach and more than 300 customers in 30+ countries Evatic offers a broad product suit for companies that need to make their services profitable. Evatic is a private company owned by the founders and Viking Venture.


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