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Nieuwe financiering voor SecurityMatters van vooraanstaande investeerders

EINDHOVEN, Nederland-(BUSINESS WIRE)– SecurityMatters, een toonaangevende aanbieder van geavanceerde cyberbeveiliging voor industriële aansturingssystemen, maakt bekend dat het aanzienlijke geldbedragen heeft opgehaald bij vier grote investeerders. Emerald Technology Ventures voert de investeerders aan en wordt bijgestaan door drie strategische partners: Robert Bosch Venture Capital, KPN Ventures en Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures.

Het innovatieve en geautomatiseerde toezichtnetwerk en -platform van SecurityMatters, SilentDefense, stelt organisaties met kritieke infrastructuur in de gelegenheid de beste industriële controlesystemen te gebruiken. Sinds de introductie van SilentDefense in 2013 heeft SecurityMatters zijn programma geïnstalleerd in drie continenten en in meerdere sectoren, zoals energie-opwekking, stroomnetbeheer, drinkwater, olie en gas, productie, chemie, farmaceutica en infrastructuur.



SecurityMatters Raises Funds from Prime Investment Groups


EINDHOVEN, Netherlands–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SecurityMatters, a leading provider of advanced cyber security solutions for Industrial Control Systems, announces it has raised substantial funding from four prime investment groups. Emerald Technology Ventures lead the syndicate and is joined by three high-profile strategic partners: Robert Bosch Venture Capital, KPN Ventures and Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures.

SecurityMatters’ innovative automated network and situational awareness platform, SilentDefense, enables Critical Infrastructure organizations worldwide to operate best-of-class cyber-resilient Industrial Control Systems. Since the introduction of SilentDefense in 2013, SecurityMatters has expanded its installations across three continents, covering multiple market verticals including power generation, power transmission & distribution, drinking water, oil & gas, manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical and infrastructure.

Damiano Bolzoni, Co-Founder and CEO of the company, stated: “We are extremely proud to have attracted such high-calibre investors, who will use their expertise and networks to accelerate our growth and take our business to the next level, effectively enabling SecurityMatters to penetrate new market verticals and develop new offerings. The funding will mainly be used to expand our sales & marketing and support teams internationally. Reaching this milestone has been made possible thanks to the amazing team of talented people we work with every day.”

Markus Moor, Partner at Emerald commented: “The increased interconnectivity and accessibility of critical infrastructure over the last few years has created a substantial threat to these vital assets. We have analysed this segment over several years and are convinced that SecurityMatters provides an industry leading solution. The maturity and reference projects of the company’s intrusion detection system, in combination with a stellar team, sets this company apart.”

The three founders of SecurityMatters, Damiano Bolzoni, Sandro Etalle (president) and Emmanuele Zambon (CTO), added “SecurityMatters’ strong organic profitable growth is now fuelled by capital from carefully selected partners. In our search we have been successfully supported by EIT digital.”

Following the transaction, Markus Moor and Co-Founder Sandro Etalle joined the supervisory board of SecurityMatters; Etalle assumes the role of chairman of the board.

About SecurityMatters

SecurityMatters has over 15 years of research and field experience in industrial mission-critical cyber-resilience. It has a proven track record of monitoring, analysing and protecting industrial environments, translating complex and hidden problems and threat indicators into clear and actionable intelligence. Its products enable end users to operate best-of-class cyber-resilient industrial control environments in simple and effective ways.


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