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SEGGER: Toonaangevende J-Trace PRO maakt live profilering en code-coverage mogelijk

HILDEN, Duitsland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SEGGER heeft zijn  debuggers J-Trace PRO en Ozone vernieuwd. Nieuwe functies maken doorlopende trace, streaming en analyse van applicatiegegevens mogelijk voor ARM Cortex-M. Deze nieuwe versie biedt software-ingenieurs het effectiefste commercieel verkrijgbare gereedschap voor code-coverage en code-profiling, want de te analyseren data zijn afkomstig van firmware op de beoogde hardware draait.

Code-coverage is onmisbaar voor complexe ingebouwde systemen met stacks, zoals Ethernet of USB. De continue stroom tracegegevens van J-Trace PRO maakt volledige en onbeperkte code-coverage mogelijk. Daarmee is dit systeem uitermate geschikt voor het opsporen van de meest onvoorziene applicatiestoringen, of ze nou in een paar uur of in de loop van dagen ontstaan. De livetrace is een niet-verstorende datavergaringsmethode die steunt op Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM) van ARM. Daarbij is het niet nodig code-instrumentering toe te voegen.



SEGGER: Market-Leading J-Trace PRO Now Enables Live Profiling& Code Coverage


HILDEN, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SEGGER has made enhancements to its J-Trace PRO and Ozone debugger products. The new functionality incorporated will enable continuous trace, endless streaming and live analysis of application trace data for ARM Cortex-M projects. This updated solution presents engineering professionals with the most effective tool for code coverage and code profiling to be found on the market, as the analysis data is taken from firmware running on the intended target hardware.

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SEGGER: Market-Leading J-Trace PRO Now Enables Live Profiling & Code Coverage (Graphic: Business Wir ... SEGGER: Market-Leading J-Trace PRO Now Enables Live Profiling & Code Coverage (Graphic: Business Wire)

Code coverage is a must-have for complex embedded systems using stacks such as Ethernet or USB. The continuous stream of trace data provided by J-Trace PRO permits complete code coverage analysis over unlimited periods of time. This is highly suitable for capturing even the most intermittent application failures, whether they occur within hours or over the span of many days. The live trace is a non-intrusive data collection method that utilizes ARM’s Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM). The inclusion of code instrumentation is not required.

The new real-time trace and analysis capabilities of J-Trace PRO can be easily visualized using Ozone, SEGGER’s intuitive debugger. Execution counters are displayed inline with the code and can be tracked down to the instruction level. The counters are updated live in real-time. Code coverage is also shown within Ozone indicating code sections, that may never execute.

Developers benefit from J-Trace PRO while debugging and verifying multi-tasking code behavior. The trace sheds light on hidden code issues and inefficiencies to identify parts of the code which may benefit most from performance optimizations.

The entire system is designed for ease of use – just a few clicks and a full visualization of what the application is doing and where most of the time is spent is rapidly made available. The Ozone debugger can also export trace information, which enables offsite analysis and as evidence with code certification.

J-Trace PRO offers developers a fast and efficient means to identify and resolve real-time system application code defects, ensuring higher productivity and also lowering development risks and costs.

To access more information on the J-Trace PRO endless live trace go to:https://www.segger.com/jtrace-pro-streaming-trace.html

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