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Hytera haalt miljoenenopdrachten binnen in Dominicaanse Republiek

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominicaanse Republiek–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Hytera, wereldwijd toonaangevend als systeemleverancier voor professionele mobiele radiocommunicatie, heeft twee grote opdrachten gekregen van het ministerie van algemene zaken van de Dominicaanse Republiek. Voor het landelijk noodhulpnetwerk Sistema Nacional de Atención a Emergencias y Seguridad selecteerde de Dominicaanse regering TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) voor cruciale communicatie. De overheid schreef eind 2015 twee openbare aanbestedingen uit. Eén aanbesteding had betrekking op 5 vestigingen en 528 terminals in de steden Haina en San Cristobal, die aan de hoofdstad Santo Domingo grenzen. De andere aanbesteding betrof  30 vestigingen en 2155 terminals in Santiago, de op een na grootste stad van het land.

Hytera leverde na een openbare aanbesteding van het ministerie van algemene zaken in 2013 ook het TETRA-netwerk in Santo Domingo. Het project bestaat uit verschillende onderdelen: een aan 112 gelijkend systeem, een systeem voor cameratoezicht en infrastructuur voor communicatie en de daarbij horende terminals, waarvan de oplevering aan Hytera is gegund. “Het systeem in Santo Domingo biedt betrouwbare communicatiediensten voor hulpdiensten, en het is een goed voorbeeld van de oplossingen van Hytera.”



Hytera Awarded Multi Million Dollar Contracts in Dominican Republic


SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Hytera, a world leading solution provider of Professional Mobile Radio communications, was awarded two projects by the Ministry of the Presidency of Dominican Republic. In order to establish a nationwide emergency response network for National Emergency Care System and Security 9-1-1 (Sistema Nacional de Atención a Emergencias y Seguridad), Dominican Republic government selected TETRA ( Terrestrial Trunked Radio) technology for mission critical communications, and launched two public tenders at the end of 2015; one is to cover two cities, Haina and San Cristobal, adjacent to the capital city Santo Domingo, with 5 sites and 528 terminals, while the other is to cover Santiago, the second largest city of the country, with 30 sites and 2,155 terminals.

The existing TETRA network in the Santo Domingo area was delivered also by Hytera as a result of a contract awarded by Dominican Republic’s Ministry of the Presidency in 2013. The project includes several components: the 911 system, a camera surveillance system and the communications infrastructure with its respective terminals which was awarded to Hytera. “The system in Santo Domingo offers reliable communication services to the public safety forces, and it is a very good testimony of Hytera’s solutions and supports,” said Fernando Camelo, regional director of Hytera international business.

“Dominican Republic government officials have spent a lot effort to choose the right technologies for its public safety forces. Obviously, TETRA has been widely adopted and proved. We are proud to be part of the initiative of building a united nationwide mission critical communication system for the country,” commented Ming Kam Wong, deputy general manager of Hytera international business.

The TETRA digital standard as a global open protocol provides secure, encrypted communications for mission critical operations as well as promoting a more efficient use of spectrum. More than 750 interoperability (IOP) certificates have been awarded to more than two dozen manufacturers by the TETRA + Critical Communications Association (TCCA), the governing body, globally, for the TETRA standard.

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