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SII Semiconductor Corporation introduceert Automotive 3-wire (Microwire) EEPROM in extra kleine uitvoering

CHIBA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SII Semiconductor Corporation, een dochteronderneming van Seiko Instruments Inc., heeft de S-93CxxCD0H Series (105˚C) en de S-93AxxBD0A Series (125˚C) op de markt gebracht. Dat zijn een nieuwe serie 3-wire (Microwire) EEPROM producten voor de automotive in een ultra-small HSNT-8 package (2030) (2.0×3.0×t0.5 mm). De S-93CxxCD0H Series (105˚C) is geschikt voor een breed scala aan toepassingen door de brancheleidende schrijfsnelheid van 4ms (max.) en laag werkende voltage, beneden 1.6V.

Door de stijgende elektronische opties voor in voertuigen worden de opeenvolgende EEPROMs steeds meer gebruikt door de automotive-industrie. Door de toegenomen elektronische inhoud in auto’s en beperkte ruimte is er behoefte aan ruimtebesparende onderdelen.


SII Semiconductor Corporation to Release Automotive 3-wire (Microwire) EEPROM with Ultra-Small Package


CHIBA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SII Semiconductor Corporation, an affiliate of Seiko Instruments Inc., released the S-93CxxCD0H Series (105˚C) and the S-93AxxBD0A Series (125˚C), new automotive 3-wire (Microwire) serial EEPROM products available in the ultra-small HSNT-8 package (2030) (2.0×3.0×t0.5 mm). With an industry-leading write speed of 4ms (max.) and low voltage operation down to 1.6V, the S-93CxxCD0H Series (105˚C) is suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Automotive Serial EEPROM with Ultra-Small Package (Photo: Business Wire)Automotive Serial EEPROM with Ultra-Small Package (Photo: Business Wire)


With in-vehicle electronic options on the increase, more and more serial EEPROMs are being used in throughout the automotive industry. Due to the increased electronic content in automobiles there is a need for space savings parts due to the limited space available. Commonly used leadless small packages have always posed issues in areas such as mounting strength and automatic visual inspections, compared to outer-lead package options. This new family of products solves these issues by allowing for easy mounting, outstanding mounting strength, and mounting visual inspection with the introduction of the HSNT-8 (2030) package. Another key feature is that the HSNT-8 is a drop-in replacement (same land pattern) as the commonly used leadless 8-pin DFN package.

Both models will be available in a range of memory densities, from 1K, 2K, 4K and 8K to 16K (bit). The package options include 8-pin SOP, 8-pin TSSOP, TMSOP-8 and HSNT-8 (2030) (2.0×3.0×t0.5 mm).

At the same time, the company releases the new S-93CxxCx0I Series which is a consumer version with 85˚C operating temperature and is targeted for applications including home appliances, wearable technology and healthcare devices.

Products will provide outstanding performance, reliability and quality, underpinned by SII’s track record in non-volatile memory dating back more than 25 years. SII has a strong reputation in this area, built on a leading share of the automotive serial EEPROM market (in-house figures).

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