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OpenX behoudt hoogste kwaliteit ranking op de Pixalate Global Seller Trust Index

LOS ANGELES & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)—OpenX, een wereldwijde leider in het creëren van geprogrameerde reclame marktplaatsen dat superieure inkomsten voor uitgevers genereert, heeft vandaag bekend gemaakt dat de kwaliteit van hun mobile app marktplaats gerangschikt is op #1 in de juni Pixalate Global Setter Trust Index. OpenX internationale inventarisatie verzekerde ook de #1 positie voor kwaliteit. OpenX blijft werken als een topbron van hoge kwaliteit inventarissen in de markt van de Verenigde Staten.

Het is voor OpenX sinds 2012 een prioriteit om kopers te verzekeren dat ze toegang hebben tot de hoogste kwaliteit van de programmatische inventaris, toen heeft het bedrijf als eerste in de branche het zogenoemde ‘Traffic Quality Monitoring Platform’ geïntroduceerd om fraude in het geprogrammeerd adverteren uit te schakelen.


OpenX Sustains Highest Quality Rankings on Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index


LOS ANGELES & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– OpenX, a global leader in creating programmatic advertising marketplaces that drive superior monetization for publishers, today announced that its mobile app marketplace quality is ranked #1 on the June Pixalate Global Seller Trust Index. OpenX international inventory also secured the #1 ranking for quality. OpenX continues to operate as a top source of high quality inventory in the U.S. market.

Ensuring buyers have access to the highest quality inventory in programmatic has been a priority for OpenX since 2012 when the company introduced the industry’s first Traffic Quality Monitoring Platform to eliminate fraud in programmatic advertising.

“As programmatic advertising continues its rapid growth, the overall health and success of the industry depends on being able to provide all participants in the digital advertising ecosystem with scalable, fraud free marketplace solutions. OpenX remains focused on delivering the highest quality and best performing solution to our clients, and we are especially gratified by our #1 quality ranking in mobile, given its growing share of advertising dollars,” said John Murphy, vice president of marketplace quality at OpenX.

The monthly Pixalate Global Seller Trust Index is based on analysis of more than 100 billion monthly impressions. Global quality ratings take a variety of metrics into consideration, including overall effectiveness assessing fraud, viewability, malware, engagement, domain masking and inventory scores.

To access a copy of Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index including the methodology, please visit: http://www.pixalate.com.

About OpenX

OpenX exists to help publishers grow their businesses by monetizing great content. We do this by creating highly efficient, high quality programmatic advertising marketplaces that deliver optimal value to all buyers and sellers of digital advertising.

At OpenX we have built a team that is uniquely experienced in designing and operating high-scale programmatic ad marketplaces. We are constantly looking for thoughtful, creative executors who are as fascinated as we are about finding new ways to apply a blend of market design, technical innovation, operational excellence, and empathetic partner service to the frontiers of digital advertising.

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