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Takeda rapporteert eerste kwartaalcijfers 2016 met een sterkte start van het jaar en vertrouwen in begeleiding van het management

OSAKA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)—Cristophe Weber, President en Chief Executive Officer bij Takeda, licht toe:

”Takeda heeft een sterke start naar FY2016 gemaakt, doordat we ons op de uitvoering van ons strategisch plan hebben gericht. Het is veelbelovend dat de producten van waar wij groei van verwachten sterk bijdragen aan de onderliggende omzetgroei van elk onderdeel, met name ENTYVIO ® , NINLARO ® , ADCETRIS ® , TRINTELLIX ® , and TAKECAB ®. Takeda gaat zich heroriënteren op de research en ontwikkeling van gerichte therapeutische gebieden  – oncologie, gastro-entrologie en het centraal zenuwstel. Ook concentreren we ons op vaccins en onderzoek en ontwikkeling in Japen en de Verenigde Staten om te bouwen aan een wereldleidende onderzoeks- en ontwikkelingsorganisatie en – pijplijn. Ik heb er vertrouwen in dat deze dat deze bereikte resultaten en initiatieven in de toekomst leiden tot een duurzame groei van Takeda als een wereldwijd toonaangevend en innovatief farmaceutisch bedrijf.”


Takeda Reports 1st Quarter 2016 Results with a Strong Start to the Year and Confidence in Management Guidance


OSAKA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Christophe Weber, President and Chief Executive Officer of Takeda, commented:
“Takeda had a strong start to FY2016, as we focus on executing our strategic roadmap. It is promising that our growth driver products are contributing strongly to each region’s underlying revenue growth, especially ENTYVIO ® , NINLARO ® , ADCETRIS ® , TRINTELLIX ® , and TAKECAB ® . Takeda will refocus research & development on targeted therapeutic areas – Oncology, Gastroenterology (GI) and Central Nervous System (CNS), plus Vaccines, and concentrate its R&D activities in Japan and the U.S. to build a world-leading R&D organization and pipeline. I am confident that these achievements and initiatives will result in Takeda’s sustainable future growth as a leading, global innovative pharmaceutical company.”

Reported Results for

1Q (April – June) of FY2016

Reported base FY 2015 FY 2016 Growth
(billion yen) Q1 Q1 Underlying 2
Revenue 446.3 434.0 -2.8% +9.1%
Core Earnings 1 83.7 77.1 -7.9% +40.4%
Operating Profit 49.6 152.9 +208.6% N/A
Net Profit 3 24.6 99.5 +304.9% N/A
EPS 31 yen 127 yen +306.5% N/A
Core EPS 65 yen 71 yen +8.7% +54.2%


Core Earnings is calculated by taking reported gross profit and deducting SG&A expenses and R&D expenses.
In addition, certain other items that are significant in value and non-recurring or non-core in nature may also be adjusted.


“Underlying growth”, comparing two periods of financial results under a common basis, shows the real performance of the business. Takeda adopts “Underlying Growth” of revenue, Core Earnings and Core EPS as its indicators for management guidance. It excludes the impact of foreign exchange and divestments.


Attributable to the owners of the company

Takeda maintains full-year Management Guidance and reported base forecast for FY2016:


Management Guidance

Underlying Revenue Mid-single digit growth (%)
Underlying Core Earnings Low- to mid-teen growth (%)
Underlying Core EPS Low- to mid-teen growth (%)
Annual Dividend per Share 180 yen


Base Forecast for FY2016

(billion yen 1)

Revenue 1,720.0
R&D Expenses 325.0
Operating Profit 135.0
Net Profit 2 88.0
EPS 112 yen

1 The exchange rate assumptions for FY2016: 1 US$=110 yen, 1 euro=125 yen
2 Attributable to the owners of the company

For more details on Takeda’s FY2016 Q1 results and other financial information please visit http://www.takeda.com/investor-information/results/

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