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Basis Technologies introduceert DevAnalytics, een nieuw hulpmiddel voor wijzigingen in SAP

LONDEN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Basis Technologies heeft vandaag DevAnalytics onthuld, een nieuwe toevoeging aan zijn DevOps Toolset voor SAP. DevAnalytics bestaat uit een uitgebreide set parameters die verspilling, inefficiëntie en obstakels signaleren bij SAP-wijzigingen. De nieuwe inzichten bieden leidinggevenden zekerheid op het moment dat ze organisatorische en procesmatige veranderingen doorvoeren om kosten te besparen en sneller in te spelen op veranderende behoeften van de klant.

Systemen van SAP zorgen bij veel bedrijven voor commerciële differentiatie, dus de snelheid en efficiëntie waarmee SAP-veranderingen worden doorgevoerd hebben directe invloed op het concurrentievoordeel en de winstcijfers.


Basis Technologies Announces DevAnalytics, a New Insights Tool That Can Transform the Delivery of SAP Change


LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Basis Technologies today announces the introduction of DevAnalytics, a new addition to its expanding DevOps Toolset for SAP. DevAnalytics provides a comprehensive set of metrics that can be used to identify waste, inefficiency and bottlenecks during development and delivery of SAP change. This new-found insight gives managers the confidence to make organizational and process changes that deliver cost reductions and a faster response to shifting customer expectations.

Eliminate waste and inefficiency

SAP systems enable commercial differentiation within many companies, so the speed and efficiency with which SAP change is delivered has a direct impact on both competitive advantage and company bottom line.

Despite this, it is often difficult to see exactly where money is being spent and where bottlenecks occur during SAP development.

DevAnalytics offers thirty-five 1 delivery performance metrics across five key classifications – velocity, cycle time, rework & waste, work in progress and approval time – that can enable companies to understand where action needs to be taken to optimize delivery of SAP change.

Benchmark suppliers and teams

With so many people working on SAP systems, sorting the great from the good can be challenging. The data delivered by DevAnalytics provides a new opportunity to measure teams and suppliers against both internal and external benchmarks.

Firms now have a comprehensive, transparent way to set and track SAP change performance metrics for suppliers, whilst system integrators gain the means to differentiate themselves from their peers by demonstrating ongoing improvement.

Agility is fundamental

Business agility is a fundamental requirement in the digital economy and commonly goes hand-in-hand with the use of modern development methodologies such as Agile and DevOps.

DevAnalytics supports the adoption of Agile and DevOps for SAP by providing a set of metrics that can be used to assess performance on an on-going basis. Objective milestones can be set and used to track continuous improvement.

DevAnalytics is available now and is fully compatible with SAP instances running SAP Solution Manager 2, whether cloud-based or on premise.

To learn more or book a free demo, visit http://go.basistechnologies.com/product-da.

About Basis Technologies

Basis Technologies have delivered innovative software solutions for SAP for almost 20 years. We focus on automation tools that enable continuous delivery, helping our customers to keep pace with theirs. Our products support the adoption of methodologies such as Agile and DevOps for SAP, and our client list includes a selection of major multinational companies including BP, Unilever and Ralph Lauren.

Visit us at http://go.basistechnologies.com/home-da.


1 Some metrics available only when used with Transport Expresso from Basis Technologies.

2 Compatible with SAP Solution Manager NetWeaver 7.01 or above


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