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Chinees-Europese goederentrein met producten TCL arriveert in Warschau

SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)– TCL Corporation, internationaal leider consumentelektronica en communicatie, heeft op 20 juni bekendgemaakt dat zijn 33 wagons met elektronische componenten veilig in Polen zijn aangekomen. De eerste gesloten trein van China naar Europa van China Raiways Express vervoerde de onderdelen. De onderdelen worden in Polen in elkaar gezet voor kleurentelevisies, die vervolgens worden verkocht in Europese steden, waaronder Frankfurt, Parijs, Lissabon en Madrid.

De aankomstceremonie van de Chinees-Europese goederentrein werd in Warschau opgeluisterd door de aanwezigheid van Chinees president Xi Jinping, die een staatsbezoek aan Polen bracht, en de Poolse president Andrzej Duda. In het bijzijn van bestuursvoorzitter en ceo van TCL Tomson Li presenteerde Xi zijn Poolse ambtgenoot de investering van TCL in Polen en de band die het bedrijf met het land heeft. Hij benadrukte daarbij dat 33 van de 41 wagons elektronische onderdelen vervoerden van TCL, een van de grootste fabrikanten van huishoudelijke apparaten in China. Ondertussen sprak Chinees minister van buitenlandse zaken Wang Yi met Tomson Li.



China-Europe Cargo Train Loaded With TCL’s Products Arrives in Warsaw


SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)– TCL Corporation (Shenzhen Stock Exchange: 000100), a global leader in consumer electronics and communications, announced on June 20 that its 33 carriages of electronic components transported by the first China-Europe Block Train under the family brand China Railway Express had safely arrived in Poland where they will be assembled into color TV sets and sold throughout Europe including Frankfurt, Paris, Lisbon and Madrid.

The arrival ceremony of the China-Europe cargo train in Warsaw was highlighted by the attendance of Chinese President Xi Jingping who was on a state visit to Poland, and Polish President Andrzej Duda. In the presence of Mr. Tomson Li, Chairman and CEO of TCL Corporation, President Xi introduced to his Polish counterpart TCL’s investment in Poland and its connection with the country, emphasizing that 33 of the 41 carriages of products are electronic components from TCL, one of China’s biggest home appliances manufacturers. Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi also conversed with Tomson Li.

TCL’s Poland fabrication plant, covering 105,000m 2, is the biggest Chinese-invested manufacturing plant in Poland. With 5 production lines and 284 employees, it has an annual capacity of 4.5 million assembled TV sets, which can be transported to Frankfurt and Paris within one day and to Lisbon and Madrid within three days. Currently, 90% of the components assembled in the plant are transported by railway from China.

“While Poland is committed to the reindustrialization, China is pressing forward with international cooperation in production capacity. The two countries can strengthen their cooperation on energy, infrastructure, freight and logistics,” Tomson Li, Chairman and CEO of TCL Corporation, said. “TCL should leverage its industrial capability to take root in Poland by establishing a manufacturing base and R&D center in the region, so as to be an integral part and a booster in the process of Poland’s reindustrialization.”

Facing opportunities brought about by China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative, TCL is positioning itself to be a global provider of smart products and Internet application services, and is planning to further expand its presence in emerging markets overseas. By strategically transforming to the “smart + Internet” and “products + services” business models, TCL wants to provide consumers with better user experience and connect the ecosystem with potential global partners.

About TCL Corporation

TCL Corporation is a global manufacturer of smart products and provider of Internet application services. The wholly-listed TCL Corporation (000100.SZ) consists of TCL Multimedia (01070.HK), TCL Communication (02618.HK), TCL Display (00334.HK) and Tonly Electronics (01249.HK). Founded in 1981, TCL runs businesses with a workforce of 75,000 employees, with offices in over 80 countries and regions across Asia, America, Europe and Oceania, along with 23 R&D centers and 21 manufacturing bases. TCL reported operating revenue of 46.68 billion yuan (approx. US$7.15 billion) for the first half year of 2015 and the brand value equal to 71 billion yuan (approx. US$10.86 billion), ranking first among the TV brands in China.


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