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PubMatic laat inkopers internationale doelgroepen ontdekken

CANNES, Frankrijk–(BUSINESS WIRE)– PubMatic, automatiseerder van marketing voor uitgevers, heeft vandaag zijn Private Marketplace Guaranteed (PMP-G)-deals aangekondigd. Het aanbod combineert de zekerheid en kwalitatief goede doelgroepen van directe deals met de geavanceerde doeltreffendheid van programmatisch. Daarnaast kunnen inkopers die gebruik maken van PubMatic Curated Audiences nu op schaal doelgroepen opdelen en gericht benaderen in dezelfde omgeving, terwijl ze aanbiedingen voor meerdere private-marketplaces van verschillende uitgevers krijgen, alles onder één enkel deal-ID met meerdere uitgevers.



PubMatic Empowers Buyers to Discover Global Audiences


CANNES, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)– PubMatic, the marketing automation software company for publishers, today announced the launch of Private Marketplace Guaranteed (PMP-G) deals that bring together the certainty and premium audiences of direct deals to the advanced audience targeting of programmatic. Additionally, buyers using PubMatic Curated Audiences capabilities can now segment and target audiences at scale in the same guaranteed environment with the packaging of multiple private marketplace (PMP) offers from various publishers, all under a multi-publisher single deal ID.

PMP-G combines the assurances of direct sold media with the data targeting and efficiency of real-time bidding, allowing advertisers to buy programmatic inventory with confidence. Publishers and advertisers can sync audiences in advance of a campaign, providing buyers with a higher degree of certainty than standard PMPs to fulfill an audience buy or reach a certain budget over a fixed period. For publishers, this provides more predictable revenue forecasting for their business.

“MediaMath enables the best in class omni-channel experience to its clients. For the same, PubMatic and MediaMath are partnering to bring the power of guaranteed delivery through programmatic pipes,” said Tanuj Joshi, Vice President of Media Partnerships at MediaMath. “This is revolutionary in not only unlocking inventory tranches for clients which were previously inaccessible through RTB but would also help publishers have more confidence in the ever-rising density and adoption of all forms of media execution – including guaranteed – through programmatic pipes.”

“PubMatic is dedicated to enabling a more automated media buying world for brands and advertisers, that will help them reach their global audiences at scale,” said Kirk McDonald, President of PubMatic. “Programmatic changed the way media is transacted, and we believe that PMP-G technology is transforming the industry into a more effective and efficient marketplace, where advertisers can be certain of reach and performance for their campaigns, and publishers can maintain control of their inventory and business.”

By eliminating the need to manage multiple deals and campaigns, PubMatic Curated Audiences provides media buyers with a significantly more efficient workflow. Using an intuitive dashboard, buyers can quickly discover customized PMPs that are built around the specific needs of an advertiser’s campaign, such as audience or content, demographic profiles or KPIs such as viewability.

“PubMatic has been an incredible partner in the ever-changing world of real-time programmatic buying,” said Christopher Martin, Vice President Advertising Operations at MightyHive. “They’ve been our one-stop shop for highly viewable inventory across our diverse client base. Now, with Curated Audiences we can discover quality publisher data quickly, shortening the procurement cycle for audience and contextual at scale.”

Specific inventory packages that advertisers can buy, but are not limited to, are based on demographics (Hispanics, Moms, Millennials) and events (Super Bowl, Euro 2016, Olympics, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween).

About PubMatic

PubMatic is the leading marketing automation software company for publishers. Through real-time analytics, yield management, and workflow automation, PubMatic enables publishers to make smarter inventory decisions and improve revenue performance. Focused on serving the needs of premium publishers, PubMatic inspires buyer confidence by providing flexibility in audience discovery and planning media campaigns through its Media Buyer Console and APIs. The company’s marketing automation software platform provides a global roster of comScore publishers with a single view into their advertiser relationships across every screen, every channel and every format. PubMatic was ranked by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing companies in the US for the fourth consecutive year in 2015. The company has offices worldwide, and is headquartered in Redwood City, California.

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