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ANGUS introduceert nieuwe hulpstof voor verbeterde purificatie bij grootschalige medicijnproductie

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– ANGUS Life Sciences, een recentelijk opgerichte divisie van ANGUS Chemical Company, de toonaangevende fabrikant en marketeer van nitroalkanen en afgeleide producten, heeft vandaag TRIS AMINO ® HCl PRIME geïntroduceerd – een nieuwe hulpstof voor de purificatie bij de productie van biologische of op eiwitten gebaseerde medicijnen. TRIS AMINO HCl PRIME, dat wordt gebruikt voor naverwerkingsprocessen, helpt de pH in balans te houden, wat zorgt voor stabiliteit en purificatie van medicijnen bij grootschalige productie.

“Als gevolg het veranderende wettelijke landschap, kan het zo zijn dat fabrikanten snel het niveau van elementaire onzuiverheden binnen hun productieprocessen moeten controleren en rapporteren. Met TRIS AMINO HCl PRIME kunnen klanten er gerust op zijn dat het gehalte onzuiverheden zeer laag ligt”, zei Doug Ward, marketingmanager van ANGUS Life Sciences. “TRIS AMINO HCl PRIME is een toevoeging aan onze rijke geschiedenis van bufferproductie en biedt klanten die elementaire onzuiverheden moeten controleren en rapporteren een nieuwe optie.”


ANGUS Introduces New Excipient for Enhanced Purification of Large-Scale Drug Manufacturing

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– ANGUS Life Sciences, a newly formed division of ANGUS Chemical Company, the leading manufacturer and marketer of nitroalkanes and their derivatives, today launched TRIS AMINO ® HCl PRIME – a new excipient used for purification of biologic or protein drug manufacturing. Used in downstream processes, TRIS AMINO HCl PRIME helps to control pH, offering stability and drug purification when manufacturing at large scales.

“As a result of the changing regulatory landscape, manufacturers may soon be required to monitor and report the levels of elemental impurities in their manufacturing processes. With TRIS AMINO HCl PRIME, our customers have peace of mind knowing there will be very low levels of elemental impurities,” said Doug Ward, market manager at ANGUS Life Sciences. “TRIS AMINO HCl PRIME adds to our rich history of buffer manufacturing and provides a new option for customers needing to control and report levels of elemental impurities.”

TRIS AMINO HCl PRIME offers the lowest levels of elemental impurities of any competitive product available. The total amount of heavy metals is less than one part per million, with individual elemental impurities measured in parts per billion.

“Our customers are seeking products that offer more purity in drug manufacturing,” said Dave Green, vice president of Research and Development. “TRIS AMINO HCl PRIME is a key example of how ANGUS, with its innovative technology, can fulfill our customers’ evolving needs. ANGUS is committed to seeking the highest standards of performance, and we feel fortunate to share this new offering with all our customers.”

Additional information on TRIS AMINO HCl PRIME can be found here: http://angus.com/markets/life-sciences/biotechnology/biotech-tris-amino

About ANGUS Life Sciences

ANGUS Life Sciences is a leader in servicing formulators and manufacturers in wide array of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other life science applications. ANGUS Life Sciences develops products through a traceable and auditable supply chain of high-quality specialty and fine chemicals tailored to helping meet our customers’ biggest challenges. In addition to the TRIS AMINO buffer product line, ANGUS offers special testing, customized packaging and certification of biological buffers, biomolecules and biochemicals – a comprehensive line of quality offerings packaged in a cGMP and multi-compendia facility for complete satisfaction.

About ANGUS Chemical

ANGUS Chemical Company (“ANGUS”) is a specialty and fine chemical company dedicated to the development of novel chemistry that helps customers deliver enhanced product and process performance. ANGUS is committed to constantly improving products and services by mastering science and technology. The company innovates through its unique nitroalkane chemistry, which enables the reactivity to create complex molecules for use in a wide variety of applications. The innate characteristics of this chemistry enable multifunctional additives which improve performance, reduce reaction steps and cut synthesis costs.


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