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Quintiles introduceert precisiewerving van patiënten voor oncologisch onderzoek

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Quintiles, ‘s werelds grootste dienstverlener voor productontwikkeling en integrale geneeskunde, heeft vandaag zijn Precisiewerving aangekondigd. Dit nieuwe wervingsmodel is ontwikkeld voor een aanzienlijk snellere opstart van en patiëntwerving voor oncologisch onderzoek. Dit gebeurt door samenwerking met het netwerk van onderzoekscentra dat Quintiles in de Verenigde Staten onderhoudt. Daarbij maakt het bedrijf gebruik van secundaire gegevens (elektronische medische dossiers). Binnen dit nieuwe model wordt de traditionele opstart van een onderzoeksvestiging omgedraaid, waardoor een locatie pas opent nadat een patiënt is geïdentificeerd.

“De opkomst van precisiegeneeskunde, de schaarste van patiënten en onderzoekers en steeds complexere onderzoeksprotocollen vereisen innovatieve benaderingswijzes van de implementatie van klinische gegevens”, zei Cynthia Verst, president van de afdeling Klinische Operaties van Quintiles. “Dit systeem maakt gebruik van Quintiles’ diepgaande therapeutische expertise in oncologie, robuuste relaties met oncologisch onderzoekers en onze bewezen operationele excellentie bij het tijdig vinden en werven van de juiste patiënt en de juiste onderzoeker voor het juiste onderzoek.”


Quintiles Introduces Precision Enrollment to Enhance Patient Recruitment in Oncology Trials

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Quintiles, the world’s largest provider of product development and integrated healthcare services, today announced its Precision Enrollment offering. The new enrollment model is designed to significantly accelerate site start-up and patient recruitment in oncology clinical trials working with the company’s network of investigative sites across the U.S and leveraging secondary data (e.g. electronic health records-EHRs.) In this new model, the traditional site start-up pathway is realigned so a site is only opened after a patient is identified.

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“The rise of precision medicine, scarcity of patients and investigators, combined with increasingly complex trial protocols, requires innovative approaches to clinical trial implementation,” said Cynthia Verst, PharmD, president, Clinical Operations at Quintiles. “This solution harnesses Quintiles’ deep therapeutic expertise in oncology, robust oncology investigator relationships and our demonstrated operational excellence to identify and recruit the right patient, from the right investigator, for the right oncology trial at the right time.”

Today, three out of five oncology treatments are targeted therapies, with efficacy in niche patient subpopulations. 1 These factors can contribute to higher screen failure rates and pose critical challenges for recruiting patients that fit a particular trial profile. Conventional models for targeting these sub-populations and pre-screening of these patients are time- and cost-intensive, making it difficult for oncologists to find the study that fits the individual patient.

With Precision Enrollment, Quintiles has built a network of oncology sites with master contracts as well as centralized IRB capabilities to streamline patient identification and start-up. The program will enable pre-identification of patients based on study and biomarker criteria, across broad geographic areas, using EHRs and other secondary data sources before a site joins a study. By using this rapid start-up model, these pre-identified patients are quickly matched to specific protocol inclusion and exclusion criteria and site activation is designed to take less than 21 days.

“Our premier site network and strong relationships with investigators is an integral part of Precision Enrollment, and this approach can provide value to both pharmaceutical companies and patients alike,” said Jeanne Hecht, senior vice president and global head, Site & Patient Networks at Quintiles. “By opening a site only after a patient has been identified, we’re able to reduce zero-enrolling sites and associated time and costs, and most importantly, provide patients with quicker access to potentially life-saving treatments.”

To learn more about Quintiles Precision Enrollment, view the video and visit quintiles.com/precisionenrollment.

About Quintiles

Quintiles (NYSE: Q) helps biopharma and other healthcare companies improve their probability of success by connecting insights from our deep scientific, therapeutic and analytics expertise with superior delivery for better outcomes. From advisory through operations, Quintiles is the world’s largest provider of product development and integrated healthcare services, including commercial and observational solutions. Conducting operations in approximately 100 countries, Quintiles is a member of the FORTUNE 500 and has been named to FORTUNE’s list of the “World’s Most Admired Companies.” To learn more, visit www.quintiles.com.

1 McKesson Specialty Health/US Oncology Network. 2013

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