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Persconferentie over Luxemburgs project voor exploitatie ruimtebronnen op 3 juni 2016

LUXEMBURG–(BUSINESS WIRE)– De overheid van het Groothertogdom Luxemburg is verheugd een internationale persconferentie over de meest recente ontwikkelingen rond het project spaceresources.lu aan te kondigen. Het initiatief omschrijft een kader voor de verkenning en commerciële exploitatie van bronnen op aardscheerders, zoals asteroïden.

De persconferentie wordt georganiseerd door:

  • Xavier Bettel, premier en minister van communicatie en media.
  • Mr. Étienne Schneider, vicepremier en minister van economische zaken.

Het media-evenement vindt plaats in het bijzijn van :

  • Jean-Jacques Dordain, algemeen directeur van de Europese Ruimtevaartorganisatie (ESA)
  • Simon Pete Worden, directeur van het onderzoekscentrum Ames van de NASA.



Press Conference on June 3, 2016 on the Luxembourg Initiative to Support the Use of Space Resources

LUXEMBOURG–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is pleased to announce an international press conference to highlight the latest developments of the recently announced spaceresources.lu initiative. The initiative defines a framework for the exploration and commercial utilization of resources from Near Earth Objects (NEOs), such as asteroids.

The press conference will be hosted by:

  • Mr. Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister, Minister of State, Minister for Communications and Media
  • Mr. Étienne Schneider, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Economy

This media event will be held in the presence of:

  • Mr. Jean-Jacques Dordain, long-standing Director General of the European Space Agency ESA
  • Dr. Simon Pete Worden, long-standing Director of NASA’s Ames Research Center

The press conference is scheduled for 5:00 PM Friday, June 3, 2016 for a duration of 1 hour (Note : Times are in Luxembourg Time GMT+2).

A conference call will be available to media representatives by dialing one of the following numbers:

Brussels, Belgium: +32(0)2 404 0662
Paris, France: +33(0)1 76 77 22 25
Berlin, Germany: +49(0)30 3001 90538
Luxembourg: +352342 080 8570
London, United Kingdom: +44(0)20 3427 1909
New York, United States of America: +1646 254 3362
Amsterdam, Netherlands: +31(0)20 716 8296
Athens, Greece: +30210 969 6486
Bucharest, Romania: +40(0)21 529 3968
Budapest, Hungary: +361778 9329
Copenhagen, Denmark: +4532 71 16 60
Dublin, Ireland: +353(0)1 2465603
Geneva, Switzerland: +41(0)22 567 5432
Helsinki, Finland: +358(0)9 6937 9590
Lisbon, Portugal: +3512131 64171
Madrid, Spain: +3491 114 6581
Moscow, Russia:

+7495 705 9451

Oslo, Norway: +472350 0486
Prague, Czech Republic: +420225 376 428
Rome, Italy: +3906 9974 9000
Sofia, Bulgaria: +359(0)2 491 7913
Stockholm, Sweden: +46(0)8 5033 6538
Vienna, Austria: +43(0)1 25302 1763
Warsaw, Poland: +4822 584 4255

Participant Access – Dial in 5-10 minutes prior to the start time using the number / Confirmation Code: 5573344

A question period intended for registered media representatives will take place at the end of this same conference call.

The press conference will be held in English and will be broadcast live on the Internet at the following address: www.gouvernement.lu. A replay will be available on the same website shortly after the event.


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