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Westinghouse helpt bij veiligstellen langetermijnactiviteiten reactoren 1 en 2 van Forsmark

VÄSTERÅS, Zweden–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Westinghouse Electric Company heeft vandaag bekendgemaakt dat het een contract heeft afgesloten met Forsmark Kraftgrupp AB voor een opwaardering van de niet-veiligheidsgerelateerde informatie- en controlesystemen van reactor 1 en 2 van de kerncentrale Forsmark. De upgrades zijn onderdeel van een strategisch programma dat is gericht op de langetermijnactiviteiten van de twee reactoren.

De twee kokendwaterreactoren zijn in de afgelopen 20 jaar systematisch verrijkt met digitale informatie- en controlesystemen. In deze nieuwe fase installeert Westinghouse een nieuwe interface in de controlekamers en vervangt het de procescomputers. Het nieuwe platform heeft onder meer functies voor grootschalige dataopslag, de omgang met alarm en incidenten, weergaves van de fabrieksstatus en andere ondersteunende functies voor de operateur.



Westinghouse Helps Secure Long-Term Operation at Forsmark Units 1 and 2


VÄSTERÅS, Sweden–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Westinghouse Electric Company today announced that it signed a contract with Forsmark Kraftgrupp AB to upgrade the non-safety related information and control systems at the Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant’s units 1 and 2. The upgrades are part of a strategic program designed to secure the long-term operation of the two reactors.

The two boiling water reactor (BWR) units have been systematically upgraded with digital information and control systems over the past 20 years. In this next phase, Westinghouse will install a new operator interface in each of the control rooms and replace the process computers. Functionalities in the new platform will include mass storage of data, alarm and event handling, plant status displays and other operator support functions.

“I am pleased that Westinghouse has earned the opportunity to work with Vattenfall on this key project. Such upgrades are essential to the long-term viability the nuclear industry,” said David Howell, Westinghouse senior vice president, Operating Plants Business. “This project is one more example of Westinghouse’s commitment to the safe, efficient, and economical long-term operation of our nuclear power plants, which supply 62.9 percent of emission-free energy worldwide.”

The plant’s full-scope training simulator will also be updated to mirror these new functionalities. The simulator will be used for operator training of plant responses ranging from normal operations to severe accidents. The project will start immediately, beginning with the simulator update in 2017, followed by the installations planned for unit 1 in 2018 and unit 2 in 2019.

“This project reaffirms Westinghouse’s position as a leading supplier in the field of automation in the Nordic market,” said Aziz Dag, Westinghouse vice president and managing director, Northern and Eastern Europe. “This most recent contract award reflects Forsmark’s high confidence that Westinghouse can deliver high-level safety to the nuclear power plant.”

The long-term operation of nuclear power plants is an important priority facing the industry. Through the use of innovative technologies and applications, Westinghouse is well-positioned to deliver cost-effective, performance-enhancing and practical solutions to our customers around the world as they seek to extend plant life.

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