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Busan Motor Show 2016 omgebouwd tot nationaal autofestival

BUSAN, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)– De Busan International Motor Show 2016 opent op donderdag 2 juni zijn deuren voor de pers en loopt tot 12 juni zondag. Plaats van handeling is Bexco in Haewundae, Busan, waar het evenement in het teken van het motto Future Wave, Inspiring Technology staat.

Dit jaar bevat de show 25 binnenlandse en buitenlandse merken, wat een stijging is van 14 procent vergeleken met 2014. Het totale vloeroppervlakte van de expo is ook met 14 procent uitgebreid. Vijf auto’s van vier merken maken hun wereldwijde debuut op het evenement, waaronder drie auto’s van Hyundai Motors. Een daarvan is de Genesis, een autonoom merk dat Hyundai Motors voor het eerst als zodanig lanceert. Kia Motors stelt voor het eerst zijn Man Truck tentoon op de Busan Motor Show. In Azië gaan vijf auto’s in première, van onder meer Kia Motors en GM Korea. In Korea gaat het doek voor het eerst van 36 modellen, waaronder auto’s van Renault Samsung en BMW.



2016 Busan Motor Show Gets “Tuned” as a National Car Festival


BUSAN, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)– 2016 Busan International Motor Show is slated to open on June 2 (Thursday) for press day and runs until June 12 (Sunday) for 11 days at Bexco in Haewundae, Busan with this year’s theme of “Future Wave, Inspiring Technology”.

This year, the show will feature 25 domestic and foreign brands which is an increase of 14% compared to 2014, and the total square footage of display by the participating companies has also increased 14%. World premieres that will be showcased in the event are 5 vehicles from 4 brands including 3 vehicles by Hyundai Motors including Genesis, a brand Hyundai Motors is launching for the first time as an independent brand, and 1 vehicle for Man Truck which will be displayed at Busan Motor Show for the first time by Kia Motors. In addition, Asian premieres include 5 vehicles including Kia Motors and GM Korea, and Korean premieres include 36 vehicles including Renault Samsung and BMW.

Various other events will be simultaneously held in many venues all over the city of Busan in addition to Bexco this year. Such various events include test drives for new vehicles and electric vehicles, 4X4 off-road contest and test drive, Yamaha small two-wheel vehicle test drive for children, and movie night at an outdoor drive-in theater.

Also, chief executives who are leading research and development for the latest trend in the world automotive industry such as self-driving and environment-friendly automobiles will participate in the event. “Gala dinner for invited members of press” will be held on June 1 at 6 PM, which is the day before the press day, at the convention hall of Bexco in Haewundae, Busan with about 500 people invited including domestic and foreign press members and executives of the participating companies. At the gala dinner, Vice Chairman Moon Shik Kwon of Hyundai Motors Group and CEO Arwed Niestroj of Mercedes Benz in charge of R&D in North America will deliver keynote speeches, laying out their visions and plans for developing future-oriented automotive technologies.

General admission starts on June 3 (Friday, 12:00 noon) and the event’s weekend hours are expected to run through 7:00 PM which is one more hour than weekdays. Discounted admission reservations can be made through G Market and Auction Ticket on the internet.


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