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Novum Networks gebruikt VoIP-terminals van Patton voor zakelijke breedbandnetwerkdienst op basis van Broadsoft

BRISBANE, Australië–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Novum Networks rolt zijn nationale breedbandnetwerkdienst (NBN-diensten) voor zakelijke ISDN-vervanging uit. De dienst is gebaseerd op het telefonieplatform van Broadsoft BroadWorks en bevat Pattons VoIP-producten van SmartNode als terminal op locatie van de consument.

De proefinstallatie in Toowoomba in Queensland is inmiddels voltooid.

De geïntegreerde traditionele telefoniediensten (ISDN BRI en PRI) met VoIP-gateways en -routers en session border controllers van SmartNode stellen bedrijven in staat te besparen op investeringen in kapitaalgoederen, doordat ze hun bestaande interne telefoniesystemen behouden bij de overstap op de van overheidswege verordonneerde NBN-dienst (die het bruto nationaal product van Australië naar verwachting met 2 procent laat groeien)



Novum Deploys Patton VoIP CPE in BroadSoft-Based NBN Solution for Business


BRISBANE, Australia–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Novum Networks is rolling out its business-class ISDN replacement National Broadband Network (NBN) service that is based on the Broadsoft BroadWorks Hosted telephony platform and features Patton’s SmartNode VoIP products as Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).

The pilot installation in Toowoomba, Queensland has already been completed.

The integrated traditional telephony services (ISDN BRI and PRI) offered with SmartNode VoIP gateways, VoIP routers, and session border controllers allow businesses to preserve capital investment by keeping their existing in-house phone systems while transitioning to the government-mandated NBN service (which, by the way, is expected to boost Australia’s GDP by 2%).

“We chose SmartNode because of its nearly universal interoperability—not only with service providers like Novum, but with just about every PBX in existence,” said Mr. Rohan Milne, CEO. “That means we can deliver our NBN service to any business customer in Australia, regardless of the hardware and software they already have in place.”

Working with BroadSoft, Patton has developed an automated provisioning solution for its SmartNode VoIP CPE that improves profitability for service providers like Novum with painless service activation that eliminates truck rolls for installation and turn up at customer sites.

Once delivered to customer premise, the business’ IT staff need only connect the cables and power up the unit. SmartNode automatically downloads the correct configuration and activates the SIP trunk connection to the Novum IP telephony service.

“The SmartNode devices are incredibly stable, and the automatic provisioning is a huge cost-saver,” Mr. Milne added. “We are very happy with Patton technology and services. The support provided by Jagdeep Sekhon has been stellar.” (Mr. Sekhon is the head of Patton’s regional TAC located in Melbourne.)

Going beyond auto-provisioning, SmartNode also provides split configuration domain securely separates the service provider’s WAN parameters from the business customer’s LAN settings. A configuration WebWizard makes it fast and easy for the IT staff to set up and customize connections to existing phone systems.

Last month, Patton announced the powerful combination of PacketSmart Probe embedded in SmartNode VoIP solutions, which promises increased business up-time for subscribers and lower customer-support costs for service providers.


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