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MHI Group lanceert nieuw statement en nieuwe tagline

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)—Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Group heeft vandaag zijn nieuwe statement en tagline onthuld: Move the world forward. De zin vat de unieke waarde en visie van het bedrijf voor de wereld in woorden. MHI Group heeft ook SPECTRA gelanceerd, een nieuw online medium met uiteenlopende verhalen die dit thema naar een mondiaal publiek uitdragen.

MHI Group implementeert een internationale bedrijfsstrategie om zijn aanwezigheid en concurrentiekracht te vergroten voor wereldwijde groei. Het statement van de bedrijfsgroep verheldert welke rol het bedrijf speelt in de huidige wereld en welke waarde het heeft voor zijn wereldwijde klantenkring.


MHI Group Launches New Group Statement and Tagline


TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI)(TOKYO:7011) Group today unveiled a new group statement and tagline “Move the world forward” that captures the unique value and vision the company brings to the world today. MHI Group has also launched “SPECTRA” a new online media which will offer a wide range of stories that communicate this theme to a global audience.

MHI Group is implementing a global business strategy to increase its presence and competitiveness, and expand its business worldwide. The Group Statement clarifies the role the company plays in today’s world and the value that it provides to customers globally.

Going forward, MHI Group will strengthen its communications function at a global level, and in key markets throughout the world, in a push to deepen understanding and raise visibility of the Group worldwide.

Shunichi Miyanaga, President and CEO, MHI Group, commented: “MHI Group employees will embody the Group Statement in their business activities across all MHI Group companies. It will assist in our post-merger integration efforts for companies newly added to the MHI Group, enabling us to come together as a Group to achieve our “Corporate Aspiration” 1 that is at the heart of our 2015 Medium-Term Business Plan.”

The group statement expresses the contribution that MHI Group makes to the world by leveraging the full range of our technologies across our unique business portfolio in land, sea, air and space to solve complex global-scale challenges we face in the world today, and into the future.

The tagline advocates that we “Move the world forward” together with our global customers and local communities toward a more sustainable future.


1 Corporate Aspiration: “A global group with the vision to mold an innovative and agile organization that leverages our dedication to technological advancement and engineering excellence in order to deliver solid growth amid constant changes and make a lasting difference in the communities we serve.”


Group Statement:
“At Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group,
we channel big thinking into solutions that move the world forward
– advancing the lives of everyone who shares our planet.
By bringing people and ideas together as one,
we continue to pave the way to a future of shared success.
Passionately finding new, simpler and sustainable ways to
power our cities, improve infrastructure, innovate manufacturing
and connect people and businesses around the globe
with ever-increasing speed and efficiency.
This is the power of true harmony.
This is what moving the world forward is all about.
This is today’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group.”

SPECTRA: http://spectra.mhi.com/

Human Industry – MHI Group Statement Manifesto Video:


About Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group, headquartered in Tokyo, is one of the world’s leading industrial groups with 82,000 group employees and annual consolidated revenues of around 40 billion U.S. dollars. For more than 130 years, the company has channeled big thinking into innovative and integrated solutions that move the world forward. MHI Group owns a unique business portfolio covering land, sea, sky and even space. MHI Group delivers innovative and integrated solutions across a wide range of industries from commercial aviation and transportation to power plants and gas turbines, and from machinery and infrastructure to integrated defense and space systems.
For more information, please visit the MHI website: www.mhi-global.com


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