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Alerts voor kaarthouders nu beschikbaar voor Europese cliënten TSYS

COLUMBUS, Ga. & LONDEN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– TSYS heeft vandaag bekendgemaakt dat het verleners van betaaldiensten in Europa bijstaat met TSYS Alerts. Dit systeem helpt betaalkaarthouders bij het toezicht houden op hun rekeningen en de preventie van frauduleuze activiteiten, doordat het directe informatie op aanvraag levert. TSYS Alerts gebruikt daarvoor communicatievoorkeuren van de kaarthouder, die kan kiezen voor pushberichten, sms-berichten, gesproken berichten en e-mail.

“Tegen een achtergrond van de moderne, digitaal actieve consument, helpt TSYS Alerts onze cliënten hun risicobeheerstrategie te versterken en de ervaring van de kaarthouders te verbeteren, door hen actief deel te laten nemen aan het beheer van hun rekening en het bestrijden van fraude”, zei John Goodale van TSYS. “De nieuwe pushfunctie stelt betaaldienstverleners in staat hun kaarthouders actief te betrekken bij relevante en actuele informatie over hun rekening, wat de algehele consumentervaring verbetert.”


Cardholder Alerts Now Available to TSYS Clients in Europe

COLUMBUS, Ga. & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– TSYS ® (NYSE: TSS), today announced it will provide the payment providers it services across Europe with TSYS Alerts SM, a solution that helps cardholders monitor their accounts and prevent fraudulent activity with real-time, on-demand information using cardholder-driven communication preferences that include push notifications, SMS text messaging, voice messages and email.

“With the prevalence of today’s digitally engaged consumer in mind, TSYS Alerts helps our clients strengthen their risk management strategy and improve their cardholders’ experience by making them active participants in managing their accounts and preventing fraud,” said John Goodale, group executive, strategic markets, issuer product group, TSYS. “The new push notification functionality enables payment providers to effectively engage their cardholders with relevant and up-to-date account information strengthening the overall customer experience.”

TSYS Alerts keeps cardholders notified of card activity including posted transactions and balance transfers. The multi-channel solution provides cardholders with convenience messaging of account information like available balance, credit limit and payment due dates. Cardholders can text a predefined keyword to request this account information. TSYS Alerts SM for Fraud also notifies account holders of potentially fraudulent transactions and unauthorized usage. The interactive alerts allow consumers to effectively monitor their accounts and take immediate action in case suspicious activity occurs.

In TSYS’ 2016 U.K. Consumer Payment Study Research, 60 percent of those cardholders in the U.K. surveyed indicate they want the tools which allow them to proactively monitor, track and manage their accounts. Similarly, TSYS research found that alerts are a favorite banking feature among consumers in Germany — a preference by 69 percent of those surveyed in the 2016 study.

TSYS Alerts is available as an application program interface (API) for full or partial integration into issuers’ existing customer servicing solutions, allowing for easy implementation and speed to market.

About TSYS

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