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Synechron integreert Double Effect en Team Trade in één merk voor versterkt consult- en technologieaanbod

AMSTERDAM & PARIJS & SINGAPORE & LONDEN & CHARLOTTE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Synechron, een van de snelst groeiende dienstverleners in digitaal, zakelijk advies en technologie, heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat het Double Effect en Team Trade onder één merk verenigt. Synechron heeft deze bedrijven in de afgelopen jaren overgenomen om zijn consult- en technologieaanbod verder uit te breiden. Na de aankoop opereerden Double Effect en Team Trade als onafhankelijke entiteiten en merken. De nieuwe merkstrategie resulteert daarentegen in een samenvoeging van beide entiteiten in het moederbedrijf Synechron. Deze ontwikkeling versterkt de algehele advies- en technologiepraktijk. In het kader van de onlangs aangekondigde strategie ‘Power of 3’ verleent één overkoepelend merk voortaan alle diensten op gebied van advies, technologie en digitaal, zodat de het bedrijf het volle gewicht van Synechrons merkwaarde inzet en zijn ambitie om in 2020 een miljardenbedrijf te zijn kracht bijzet.


Synechron to Integrate Double Effect and Team Trade to Bolster Its Consulting and Technology Capabilities

AMSTERDAM & PARIS & SINGAPORE & LONDON & CHARLOTTE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Synechron, one of the fastest growing digital, business consulting and technology service providers, announced its corporate brand integration with Double Effect and Team Trade – companies it had acquired in the past few years, to further augment its consulting and technology capabilities. Post-acquisition, Double Effect and Team Trade were operating as independent entities and brands. However, this brand integration strategy will see both these entities merging into the parent company – Synechron, fortifying the overall consulting and technology business/practice. As part of Synechron’s recently announced ‘Power of 3’ strategy, this move is also aimed at providing all consulting and technology services combined with digital under a single brand umbrella in order to leverage Synechron’s robust brand equity, also fueling its ambition of being a billion dollar company by 2020.

Founded in 2003 in Amsterdam, Double Effect houses 100+ business consultants spread across eight global locations. The Dutch consulting firm works for banking and financial institutions including corporate, investment and retail banks, asset management companies and pension as well as insurance services. In 2013, Double Effect became part of the Synechron group.

Team Trade, founded in 2000, is a Paris-based firm specializing in business consulting and financial software integration. The firm has significant presence in Paris, Luxembourg, Milan, London, New York and Singapore covering the European, North American and Asian markets. Team Trade became part of the Synechron group in December 2014.

“Double Effect’s business consulting portfolio is perfectly aligned with the geographical, business, client and service coverage of Synechron. By operating as a consulting arm of the Synechron brand, all our client relationships and alliances will witness a greater value addition through our combined capabilities. We are very excited about this transformation,” said Bas Heijnen, Managing Director, Double Effect on this occasion.

“Considering the roll out of the recent business transformation strategy by Synechron, this is the right time for brand integration of Team Trade with Synechron as providing technology and consulting services under the merged identity will have a positive impact in the eyes of clients and other stakeholders,” said Pascal Rellier, Managing Director, Team Trade.

“For Synechron, Double Effect and Team Trade, this mutually beneficial move is a major opportunity for offering a niche, augmented set of technology as well as consulting services for the financial services industry. This brand integration will add more depth to Synechron’s current value proposition and enable our global clients to avail business solutions with a 360-degree perspective, encompassing business consulting and technology combined with digital transformation services under a single roof,” commented Faisal Husain, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Synechron.

This brand integration will come into effect on April 4, 2016 and will be a critical step for Synechron in order to strategically re-align its technology and consulting service capabilities in all its service lines.

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Synechron, one of the fastest-growing digital, business consulting & technology services providers, is a $350 million firm based in New York. Since inception in 2001, Synechron has been on a steep growth trajectory. With 5,000+ professionals operating in 16 countries across the world, it has presence across USA, Canada, UK, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Serbia, Germany, Italy, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and Development Centers in India. Visit us at www.synechron.com.


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