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Renice introduceert SSD X9 RSATA 2TB

SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Onlangs maakte de in Shenzhen gevestigde fabrikant van hoogwaardige solid state drivers (SSD’s) Shenzhen Renice Technology Co., Ltd., bekend dat het bedrijf zijn SSD R-SATA van twee terabyte in april 2016 introduceert.

R-SATA, kort voor Rugged SATA, is een unieke interface die het probleem van trillingen en schokken aanpakt. Het verhelpt efficiënt ongewenst contact of potentiële signaalpieken, die het resultaat zijn van trillingen en schokken in de zogeheten ‘SATA gold finger connector’.


Renice Releases X9 RSATA 2TB Solid State Drive

SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Recently, Shenzhen Renice Technology Co., Ltd., a Shenzhen-based high-end solid state drive manufacturer, announced that the company will release its 2TB R-SATA interface-based solid state drive in early April of 2016.

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2TB RSATA SSD (Photo: Business Wire)2TB RSATA SSD (Photo: Business Wire)

R-SATA, or Rugged SATA in short, is the unique interface that has been designed specifically to address vibration and the shock problem during application. It can efficiently resolve the undesirable intermittent contact or potential signal spikes resulting from vibration and shock in the SATA gold finger connector.

The release of Renice X9 R-SATA SSDs shall bring a new highly reliable and big-capacity solution for its long-time industrial users.

The X9 R-SATA SSDs have abundant highlights. They actually use Renice’s own SATA3 controller RS3502-IT that not only assures the independence or controllability but also provides a product lifespan of 2-3 times similar products in the market with its unique NAND flash control algorithm.

The patented “method and system for data backup of solid-state drive during some kind of abnormal power failure” technology will be visibly demonstrated in the X9 R-SATA SSDs. Even when the tantalum or super capacitors utilized for power failure data storage ages till a remainder of 25% after 3 years, this patented technology can still warrant the completion of all data transfer from the DDR in abnormal power failure conditions. As of now, there is no other manufacturer in the world providing a solution to counter the risk of data loss due to such capacitor aging.

Renice X9 RSATA SSDs can also support pSLC implementation via scarifying of MLC memory capacity by halving in order to achieve nearer SLC performance and reliability. This will be an inevitably attractive solution for industrial users who require enhanced reliability with cost pressure.


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