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AdaptiveMobile schat dat 80 procent van ‘verbonden’ apparaten niet adequaat is beveiligd

DUBLIN & DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– AdaptiveMobile, wereldleider in mobielenetwerkbeveiliging, voorspelt dat voor 80 procent van alle verbonden apparaten die momenteel in gebruik zijn, geen adequate veiligheidsmaatregelen zijn genomen. Vier op de vijf apparaten op de markt zijn kwetsbaar voor kwaadaardige of onbewuste aanvallen en datalekken. Nu de mate van connectiviteit tussen apparaten groeit, ontstaat de behoefte aan een nieuwe methode voor de bescherming van big data, telemetrie en beveiligingsalgoritmes onder de noemer ‘big security’. Dit is nodig voor effectieve verdediging van de miljarden apparaten die via het internet der dingen, of IoT, onderling zijn verbonden.

Het rapport Predict 2016: Security Solution van Gartner behandelt de manier waarop de ‘markt voor beveiliging zich blijft ontwikkelen, parallel aan nieuwe vereisten voor het internet der dingen, cloudtechnologie en geavanceerde, gerichte aanvallen’. “Gartner schat in dat zich, naast deze eisen, een nieuwe architectuur ontwikkelt, waarin beveiligingstechnologie en -diensten beschikbaar zijn op het niveau van het apparaat en netwerk, wat de opkomst van beveiligingssystemen bij het eindpunt, de gateways en IoT-platformaanbieders kenschetst.”



AdaptiveMobile estimates up to 80% of ‘connected’ devices do not have adequate security measures

DUBLIN & DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– AdaptiveMobile, the world leader in mobile network security, predicts that up to 80% of connected devices currently deployed do not have adequate security measures in place, with four in five devices on the market vulnerable to malicious or inadvertent attacks and data breaches. As the level of connectivity between devices continues to grow, a new model using a ‘big security’ approach of harnessing big data, telemetry and security algorithms is going to be needed to effectively protect the billions of devices connected through the Internet of Things (IoT).

Gartner’s research report, Predict 2016: Security Solution, discusses how the “security market will continue to evolve alongside new requirements from the Internet of Things, cloud computing and sophisticated targeted attacks…Gartner estimates that a new architectural model will evolve, alongside such demands, in which security technology and services will be made available at the device and network layer, characterizing the emergence of security solutions made within endpoints, gateways and IoT platform providers. 1

AdaptiveMobile’s CTO, Ciaran Bradley, explains, “A new security architecture is required to deal with the increasing connectivity of devices belonging to the Internet of Things. There will be billions of devices connected through IoT – many unable to run traditional endpoint security – and there is no definitive ruling on who has responsibility to enforce this security and who is liable when a vulnerability is exploited.” He continues, “We need to be able to detect threats at scale – using a combination of lightweight telemetry and anomaly detection to give early indicators of compromise – and then enforce protection at scale. Not only are consumer devices at risk but automotive and industrial categories need to ensure security is a critical consideration – we do not believe this will be solved through current approaches to security, particularly when it comes to legacy systems.”

Given the increasing number of connected devices on the market, the frequency at which IoT vulnerabilities are being exploited and the pressure to keep costs of commercial devices low, manufacturers need to make security a priority. IoT security is complex, constantly evolving and needs to be a critical consideration.

AdaptiveMobile’s NPP6 is the world’s first converged carrier security platform, providing consistent security irrespective of device, operating system or end-user’s technical expertise. Combining the latest data science techniques, machine learning and advanced anomaly detection algorithms, with the Company’s world-class threat intelligence services, AdaptiveMobile is increasingly working with existing customers and industry partners to bring its expertise to help secure the rapid growth of IoT connectivity.

For more information on new IoT security demands and to read Gartner’s Predicts 2016: Security Solutions please visit https://www.gartner.com/technology/media-products/newsletters/AdaptiveMobile/1-2TP3L1F/index.html

1 Gartner Inc. Predicts 2016: Security Solutions, Ruggero Contu, Deborah Kish, Perry Carpenter, Sid Deshpande, Lawrence Pingree. 4 December 2015

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