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Reset Therapeutics, Inc. werkt samen met Alkermes aan nieuwe orexinemodulatoren

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Reset Therapeutics, Inc. heeft vandaag aangekondigd samen te werken met een dochteronderneming van Alekrmes plc aan het vinden, ontwikkelen en vermarkten van nieuwe modulatoren van orexinereceptoren vanuit het medicijnontdekkingsplatform van Reset. Orexine speelt een belangrijke rol bij alertheid, eetlust en stemming.

“Alkermes is een ideale partner waarmee we dit spannende programma willen voortzetten, gezien het succes en de expertise van het bedrijf in de ontwikkeling en vermarkting van medicijnen voor het centraal zenuwstelsel”, zei Ross Bersot, financieel analist en president en ceo van Reset Therapeutics. “Ons programma voor orexinereceptormodulatoren is een goed voorbeeld van de wijze waarop Reset nieuwe therapieën ontwikkelt door medicijnen te zoeken die in verband worden gebracht met het circadiaan systeem. De samenwerking met Alkermes versnelt het verloop van dit programma. Tegelijkertijd zet Reset ook zijn programma voor modulatoren van cyptochromen en andere projecten in de pijplijn voort.”


Reset Therapeutics, Inc. Establishes Research Collaboration With Alkermes for Discovery and Development of Novel Orexin Modulators

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Reset Therapeutics, Inc., announced today a collaboration with an affiliate of Alkermes plc for the discovery, development and commercialization of novel orexin receptor modulators from Reset’s drug discovery platform. The orexin system is a key modulator of wakefulness, appetite and mood, and its dysregulation is associated with central nervous system (CNS) disorders such as narcolepsy and depression.

“Alkermes is an ideal partner with whom to advance this exciting program given the company’s success and expertise in the development and commercialization of CNS medicines,” said Ross Bersot, CFA, President and Chief Executive Officer of Reset Therapeutics. “Our orexin receptor modulator program is a prime example of how Reset is creating novel therapeutics by pursuing drug targets associated with the circadian system. Working together with Alkermes will accelerate advancement of this program, while Reset also pursues its cryptochrome modulator program and other opportunities in its pipeline.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Reset is providing Alkermes an exclusive, worldwide option to license orexin modulators resulting from the collaboration and Reset received an upfront fee and will be eligible to receive development, regulatory and sales-based milestone payments, as well as royalties on any future product sales. Reset will be fully responsible for the development of molecules arising from the collaboration through the completion of initial phase 2 clinical studies. Alkermes also made an equity investment in Reset.

“Alkermes has a strong commitment to identify and bring innovative CNS medicines to patients with critical unmet needs,” said Mark Namchuk, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Research, Pharmaceutical and Nonclinical Development of Alkermes. “We are very pleased to initiate this research collaboration with Reset, leveraging the company’s unique insights into orexin receptor modulator chemistry and biology to explore the development of promising novel medicines for a range of CNS diseases.”

About Reset Therapeutics

Reset, a discovery-stage biopharma company co-founded by leaders in the field of circadian biology and Bay City Capital, is developing first-in-class approaches to treating diseases by restoring the body’s natural 24-hour, or circadian, rhythms. The company engineered a proprietary platform designed to identify and characterize compounds that modulate the activity and function of molecular clocks and discovers drugs that modulate these clocks and clock-controlled systems. Reset elucidates the connections between abnormal diurnal physiology and disease and has developed a burgeoning pipeline of potential new treatments that modulate these connections.


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