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ANGUS onthult nieuwe divisie: ANGUS Life Sciences

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– ANGUS Chemical Company, een toonaangevende fabrikant en verkoper van nitroalkanen en afgeleide producten, heeft vandaag de lancering van zijn levenswetenschappelijke divisie aangekondigd, ANGUS Life Sciences. Deze divisie, die is opgericht als antwoord op de specifieke behoeftes van de levenswetenschappelijke sector, levert klanten in de biotechnologie, farmacie en landbouw de kwalitatief hoogstaande buffers, biochemicaliën, biomoleculen en intermediairs waar ze op rekenen.

“Onze divisie ANGUS Life Sciences steunt op onze rijke, 70-jarige erfenis van productie van gespecialiseerde chemicaliën, zoals ons TRIS AMINO”, zei Mark Henning, president en ceo van ANGUS. “We onderkennen het belang van het op één lijn zetten en controleren van stabiliteit, consistentie, kwaliteit en nakoming binnen de levenscyclus van een product. Dit nieuwe bedrijfsonderdeel is het bewijs van onze toewijding aan onze klanten uit de levenswetenschappen, want we bieden hoogwaardige chemicaliën die ze nodig hebben voor de ontwikkeling van hun beste producten.”



ANGUS Unveils a New Division: ANGUS Life Sciences

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– ANGUS Chemical Company, a leading manufacturer and marketer of nitroalkanes and their derivatives, today announced the launch of its new life sciences division, ANGUS Life Sciences. Formed to provide a dedicated focus on the specific needs of the life sciences industry, ANGUS Life Sciences supplies customers in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and agriculture markets with the high-quality buffers, biochemicals, biomolecules and intermediates they have come to rely on.

“Our new ANGUS Life Sciences division is built on our rich, 70-year legacy of manufacturing specialized chemistries, such as our TRIS AMINO ®,” said Mark Henning, President and CEO of ANGUS. “We understand the importance of aligning and controlling stability, consistency, quality and compliance across the duration of product lifecycles. This new business division is a testament to our commitment to our life sciences customers by providing premium fine and specialty chemistries they need to develop their best products for R&D, scale-up and production.”

Based in the United States, ANGUS Life Sciences is the world’s only fully integrated manufacturer of TRIS AMINO buffers, based on their unique nitroalkane chemistry. In addition to TRIS AMINO, ANGUS Life Sciences also provides other high-quality offerings, including biological buffers, biochemicals, biomolecules and amino acids.

“We’re dedicated to what matters most to our customers – quality products, traceable and auditable supply chains, and optimized cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Through ANGUS Life Sciences, we strive to be an innovative partner to our customers within the life sciences industry,” said Dave Green, Vice President of R&D at ANGUS. “We look forward to helping our customers develop winning products, conduct successful launches and achieve faster time-to-market.”

Customer-specific testing, packaging and labeling are also available through ANGUS Life Sciences, whose facilities are cGMP compliant and ISO 9001:2008 certified.

For more information about ANGUS Life Sciences, please visit: angus.com/markets/life-sciences

About ANGUS Chemical Company

As the world’s only company dedicated to producing nitroalkanes and their derivatives, ANGUS Chemical Company stands apart as a fine and specialty chemical company uniquely suited to solving formulation challenges in industries such as Home and Personal Care; Industrial Specialties including paints and coatings, metalworking fluids and electronics; and Life Sciences concentrated on pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agriculture applications—backed by unmatched application expertise and global customer support.

Our legacy of providing exclusive and proprietary chemistries has spanned over 70 years. Currently a leading supplier of specialty additives, intermediates, performance enhancers and process aids, we help customers deliver greatly enhanced process and product performance. Simply put, we make the best perform better.


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