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LeoSat benoemt Diederik Kelder tot senior vicepresident Corporate and Business Development

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– LeoSat Enterprises, een opkomend bedrijf met plannen voor de lancering van een constellatie met wel 108 communicatiesatellieten in een lage omloopbaan voor het snelste, veiligste en best dekkende datanetwerk ter wereld, heeft Diederik Kelder benoemd tot vicepresident van de afdeling Corporate and Business Development. Diederik is uit hoofde van deze functie verantwoordelijk voor alle ontwikkelingsactiviteiten van LeoSat.

Diederik Kelder heeft meer dan twintig jaar ervaring in satellietcommunicatie, waaronder werk voor enkele van de meest vooraanstaande satellietexploitanten op gebied van strategische planning, commerciële planning en zakelijke ontwikkeling. Voorafgaand aan zijn toetreden tot LeoSat Enterprises, werkte Diederik voor SES als vicepresident Business Development Asia. Hier gaf hij leiding aan een aantal initiatieven, zoals samenwerkingen en de ontwikkeling van bedrijfsonderdelen op aarde en in de ruimte. Kelder heeft daarvoor ervaring opgedaan bij een satelliet-start-up. Hij tuigde als topman voor zakelijke planning de strategie, planning en omzetprognosefuncties van New Skies Satellites op en was een belangrijk teamlid bij uiteenlopende transacties, zoals een beursgang en de overname door private-equity-investeerder Blackstone.


LeoSat Appoints Diederik Kelder as SVP, Corporate and Business Development


WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– LeoSat Enterprises, an emerging company with plans to launch a constellation of up to 108 low-earth-orbit communications satellites that will provide the fastest, most secure and widest coverage data network in the world, has announced the appointment of Diederik Kelder as Senior Vice President, Corporate and Business Development. In this role, Diederik will be responsible for all business development activities at LeoSat.

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Diederik Kelder, SVP Corporate and Business Development at LeoSatDiederik Kelder, SVP Corporate and Business Development at LeoSat

Diederik Kelder has over 20 years’ experience in the satellite communications industry, which includes working for a number of the most prominent satellite operators in the areas of strategic planning, commercial planning and business development. Prior to joining LeoSat Enterprises, Diederik worked at SES, where as Vice President Business Development Asia he led a series of initiatives including partnerships and space and ground asset development. In addition, Kelder has previous experience of working for a new satellite start up. As VP Business Planning, he set up and rolled out New Skies Satellites’ strategy, business planning and revenue forecasting functions and was a core team member on a variety of corporate transactions including IPO and acquisition by private equity firm Blackstone.

A native of the Netherlands, Diederik began his satellite communications career at Eutelsat, one of the worlds leading satellite operators, holding the position of Marketing Manager in the then newly created Commercial Department. He holds a Masters degree in Physics from Utrecht University in The Netherlands as well as a Diploma in General Management from INSEAD in Paris.

LeoSat’s CEO, Mark Rigolle, said: “Diederik is a very experienced satellite industry executive across a number of fields that are extremely relevant for a young company like LeoSat. He has a deep understanding of developing strategic and market opportunities. As we build our core team, he will be instrumental in formulating the technical and commercial advantages of the LeoSat constellation to potential strategic stakeholders and the business market. “

Diederik commented: “What attracted me to LeoSat is that it was conceived from a customer need perspective. What really excites me is that we use the best satellite technology has on offer to, not only carry large data volumes premise-to-premise, but in many scenarios do so with lower latencies than terrestrial solutions; simply because light travels faster through space than through fiber. I am looking forward to working with Mark and the LeoSat team, our customers and partners to bring this to market.”

When fully operational, LeoSat will provide point-to-point data connections to and from anywhere on earth without the need for any terrestrial landings or transport. The data will be able to travel in its native form while encrypted and secured from end to end. LeoSat has completed a feasibility study with Thales Alenia Space for its constellation design and deployment and is currently working with them on the next phase of development.

Diederik Kelder will be outlining LeoSat’s game-changing technology with all its advantages for data communication at the forthcoming CABSAT event in Dubai.

GVF Satellite Hub Summit @ CABSAT 2016, Wednesday 9 th March, 15:00, Session 4: Constellations for Connectivity: A New Dawn for Low Earth Orbit Solutions.



LEOSAT representatives will be at CabSat2016 in Dubai and Satellite2016 in Washington DC. To arrange an interview, please contact Melanie Dickie. Email:Melanie.dickie@leosat.com

About LeoSat Enterprises

LeoSat Enterprises was established in 2013 to leverage the latest developments in satellite communications technologies to develop and launch a new low-earth-orbit satellite constellation which will provide the first commercially available, business grade, extremely high-speed and secure data service worldwide.

With up to 108 low-earth-orbit communications satellites in the constellation LeoSat is the first company to have all of the High Throughput Satellites (HTS) in the constellation connected together in networked HTS satellites, connected to each other and to select established sectors on the planet.

Based in Washington DC, LeoSat is currently working with Thales Alenia Space for the low-earth-orbit constellation of between 78 and 108 Ka-band communications satellites. Once operational, the constellation will provide high-speed, low-latency and highly secure communications and bandwidth for business operations in the telecom backhaul, Oil & Gas exploration, Maritime and international business markets. Launch of the constellation is expected in 2018 or 2019. www.leosat.com


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