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SIAE MICROELLETTRONICA en ARICENT stellen ‘Nieuw IP’ over SM-OS-microgolfportfolio tentoon

MILAAN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SIAE MICROELETTRONICA zet een stap voorwaarts in Software Defined Network door een ‘nieuw IP’-netwerk via zijn bestaande SM-OS-microgolfportfolio tentoon te stellen op Mobile World Congress 2016.

SIAE MICROELLETTRONICA lanceerde in april 2014 SM-OS, een toekomstbestendig besturingssysteem dat draait op ISS van Aricent en transversaal werkt in al zijn nieuwe producten. Bij zijn lancering voldeden alle SM-OS-producten aan alle vereisten op vlak van carrier ethernet, waarmee het zich nu grotendeels heeft bewezen in het veld. SM-OS implementeert native openflow-protocollen die SDN-acties faciliteren.


SIAE MICROELETTRONICA and Aricent Showcasing “New IP” over SM-OS Based Microwave Radio Portfolio

Enabling L3VPN services over SM-OS based microwave radio under the Software Defined Network (SDN) work frame

MILAN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SIAE MICROELETTRONICA takes a step forward in Software Defined Network showcasing a “new IP” network over its existing SM-OS based microwave portfolio at the Mobile World Congress 2016.

In April 2014 SIAE MICROELETTRONICA launched the SM-OS, a Future Proof Network Operating System powered by Aricent’s ISS, operating transversally in all its next generation products. At its launch SM-OS based products fulfilled all Carrier Ethernet requirements, now largely field proven. In 2015 demonstrated native support of IP/MPLS, evolving from a L2 to a L3 microwave. Now the SM-OS implements native openflow protocols enabling SDN operations.

In this implementation of the new IP, the “Aricent instant VPN” application runs over opendaylight (an open source SDN controller) establishing a L3VPN service over AGS20 microwave radio network elements performing packet forwarding over MPLS tunnels. This is the same hardware deployed in today’s L2 Carrier Ethernet mobile backhauling networks. The application also supports BGP peering toward a traditional IP/MPLS network for seamless operations.

“This implementation of new IP is a demonstration of how L3VPN can be implemented over cost effective transmission platforms, while satisfying the need of not adding additional equipment in the backhaul network” Says Paolo Galbiati, head of product line management, SIAE MICROELETTRONICA. “Following our participation in completing the ONF Industry’s First Wireless Transport SDN Proof of Concept, now we are pioneering the new IP over microwave radio, pushing the boundaries of transport SDN implementations”

“SDN/NFV will drive the way in which new network infrastructures will be built. Aricent SDN/NFV application framework provides L3VPN implemented through an Open Design, Open APIs, Open Source approach which is fast becoming an integral part of the new networking paradigm” says Rakesh Vij, Chief Business Office, Aricent. “Showcasing the Instant VPN application along with SIAE MICROELETTRONICA SM-OS proves how SDN can help to realize cost effective and flexible microwave backhaul transport network”.

SIAE MICROELETTRONICA, founded in 1952, is a leader in wireless communication technology. In 2014 the group has founded SM OPTICS, driving innovation in fibre based communication.


Aricent is the world’s #1 pure-play product engineering services firm with 25 year experience co-creating ambitious products with the leading networking, telecom, software, semiconductor, Internet and industrial companies.



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