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Go! Aviation klaar om Europa te veroveren

ESPOO, Finland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– De baanbrekende Finse luchtvaartmaatschappij Go! Aviation heeft een SE-IMC – een luchtvaartcertificaat en -vergunning – gekregen van de Finse luchtvaartautoriteit TRAFI. Go! Aviation Ltd vliegt met eenmotorige vliegtuigen van het model Pilatus PC-12 NG en is de enige koolstofneutrale vliegmaatschappij in Europa.

“Ons team heeft geweldig werk geleverd in het afgelopen jaar. De toewijding en professionaliteit van het hele team, plus de beste financieringsoplossingen, hebben dit mogelijk gemaakt”, zei medeoprichter en operationeel topman Roope Kekäläinen.



Go! Aviation is Poised to Conquer Europe

ESPOO, Finland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The game-changing Finnish airline Go! Aviation, headquartered in Espoo, Finland, has received its SE-IMC air operator’s certificate (AOC) and operating license (OL) from the Finnish aviation authority TRAFI. Go! Aviation Ltd operates single engine Pilatus PC-12 NG planes, and is the only carbon neutral airline in Europe..

“Our team has done an amazing job during the last year. The dedication and professionalism of our entire team, plus finding the best solutions for financing, are what made this possible,” says the company’s Co-Founder and Head of Operations Roope Kekäläinen.

A cataclysmic concept

Go! Aviation is the first European airline to introduce commercial passenger transport using single engine aircraft. Their Go Fly! concept, membership-based with a fixed monthly fee, serves the growing need for quick, extremely cost-efficient business travel on specific routes. Tailored accordingly, the routes utilise the closest possible airfields to reduce hassle and stress while saving time.

The first route, connecting Kuopio, Helsinki and Tallinn (Estonia), opens this spring with more to come.

Cutting the carbon footprint

With the escalating environmental awareness, Go! Aviation is enrolled in an international programme that plants forests to completely counteract all its carbon dioxide emissions, becoming Europe’s only carbon neutral airline.

Market leadership in Europe

As the first single-engine passenger airline in Europe, Go! Aviation plans to take full advantage of their competitive position by expanding operations to Central Europe, where the business potential is massive. To supply the customer growth, a fleet of 4-6 Pilatus PC-12 aircraft will be deployed during 2016. By 2025, Go! Aviation aims to operate over 50 aircraft and be the European market leader.

In January 2016, Go! Aviation successfully closed a funding round to ensure the start of operations. “We are now actively seeking an additional round of funding from selected partners in the European financial market to make our rapid expansion possible. Finding the right partners will help ensure our position as the leading European operator in our segment,” tells the company’s Co-Founder and CEO  Jorma Kario. “Europe needs our services, and the demand is already overwhelming,” concludes Kario.

“We intend to find the right partners – ones with a modern mindset and who value innovation. This will ensure that we can retain our position as the leader in our segment,” states Jari Tähtinen, Director of Investor Relations.

About the Company:

Go! Aviation Ltd is a Finnish airline with a unique and cost-effective travel concept that combines the best parts of charter and airline passenger transport. The company’s main focus is European business travel. Flight operations will start in the spring of 2016 with Pilatus PC-12 single engine planes, which hold 8 passengers. Go! Aviation intends to be the largest European aviation company in its segment by 2025 and is the first, and only, carbon neutral airline in Europe.


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