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Rambus zet stap vooruit met thermale functies voor lensloze, intelligente sensoren

SUNNYVALE, Californië & BARCELONA, Spanje–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Rambus Inc. heeft vandaag bekendgemaakt dat het zijn innovatieve, lensloze en intelligente sensortechnologie (LSS-technologie) verder heeft ontwikkeld voor een demonstratie van thermale sensorcapaciteiten. Door de uitbreiding van de bekroonde LSS-technologie naar thermale waarneming, verbreedt Rambus de toepasbaarheid van de technologie. Dit maakt nieuwe en verbeterde functies voor talrijke toepassingen binnen het internet der dingen mogelijk. Rambus richt zich onder meer op toepassingen van zijn LSS-technologie voor het herkennen van passagiers in een auto, het volgen van de ogen bij virtuele of ‘verrijkte’ realiteit (augmented reality) en het vaststellen van iemands aanwezigheid in een intelligent huis (smart home). Deze toepassingen kunnen profiteren van de kleine omvang en betaalbare prijs van thermale en optische LSS-technologie.


Rambus Advances Its Lensless Smart Sensors With New Thermal Sensing Capabilities


SUNNYVALE, Calif. & BARCELONA, Spain–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ:RMBS) today announced that it has furthered its innovative lensless smart sensor (LSS) technology to demonstrate thermal sensing capabilities. By extending the award-winning LSS technology to include thermal sensing capabilities, Rambus is broadening the applicability of the technology, enabling new and enhanced functionality for many Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Target applications that can benefit from the small size and affordability of thermal and visible LSS technology include automotive passenger detection, virtual and augmented reality eye tracking, and smart home presence detection.

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“LSS can enable a future where IoT technology is infused into many aspects of modern life, from smart cities and transportation to medical equipment and manufacturing,” said Dr. Gary Bronner, vice president of Rambus Labs. “With the addition of these new capabilities, LSS can replace traditional thermal lenses with optical gratings that are significantly less expensive, making LSS ideal for cost-sensitive IoT applications.”

First unveiled in 2014, the Rambus LSS technology has brought a fundamentally new approach to imaging that shifts the function of traditional optics to computation and eliminates the need for expensive lenses by replacing them with tiny inexpensive diffractive gratings. The gratings, combined with optimized algorithms and off-the-shelf thermal or visible sensors, perform a wide range of functions, such as gesture recognition, eye tracking, object identification and depth sensing. Over the past year, Rambus’ Partners-in-Open-Development (POD) program has allowed for a handful of select design and technology companies to implement and accelerate the development of LSS for new use cases.

To learn more about the Lensless Smart Sensor technology, visit rambus.com/lss.

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