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TOMTEC verandert merkidentiteit

MÜNCHEN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– TOMTEC staat al 25 jaar lang bekend om zijn analytische software, vooral in 3D-echo’s voor cardiologie en radiologie. Het bedrijf heeft dankzij zijn consistent leiderschap in innovatie naam gemaakt binnen de medische sector, de industrie en onderzoekscentra.

Tegenwoordig staat de klinische gebruiker voor de uitdaging de patiënt de best mogelijke zorg te verlenen, terwijl oneindig veel informatie uit een verbonden wereld voorhanden is. Daarom heeft TOMTEC strategisch geïnvesteerd in webtechnologie, intelligente streamingprocessen en integratie van VNA-, PACS- en EMR-producten van andere fabrikanten. Dit heeft geleid tot een geïntegreerd en efficiënt werkproces bij cardiologen, chirurgen, anesthesisten, medisch assistenten en veel andere gebruikers.


TOMTEC’s Corporate Brand Identity Change

MUNICH–(BUSINESS WIRE)– For 25 years, TOMTEC has been known for its analytical software, especially in 3D ultrasound within the fields of cardiology and radiology. The company has made a name for itself in the clinical environment and industry, as well as in research centers, due to its consistent leadership in innovation.

Today, the clinical user is faced with the challenge of dealing with a myriad of information in a highly interconnected environment while simultaneously keeping the focus on the patient and providing the best possible care. Hence, TOMTEC has invested strategically in web technologies, intelligent streaming processes and integrations in VNA, PACS and EMR products from other manufacturers. As a result, this has enabled cardiologists, surgeons, anesthetists, medical assistants and many other users to achieve an integrated and efficient workflow.

TOMTEC’s current development concentrates on these work processes and strives to deliver high-quality qualitative results through automation of measurements and image analyses in situations in which clinical decisions must be made within seconds.

This transformation has been taken into account with the modernization and change in focus of the new corporate brand identity: to connect physicians, increase the quality and efficiency of diagnostic results and help clinicians to overcome the daily challenges they face. In addition, TOMTEC’s services as well as client education and training play an increasingly important role.

This applies in particular to TOMTEC’s major growth area: HealthCare IT. The products in HCIT no longer consist of software solutions alone, but are supplemented by services and education to form a complete package. TOMTEC is linked to the largest research centers worldwide and is keen to pass on and share the knowledge generated there. The TOMTEC Academy is a program that has been developed for this purpose and which aims to provide users with the opportunity for further education, as well as the chance to share expertise with other users.

Our new logo and design embody this development. The modernization of the design allows for modular use in mobile applications and social media but in terms of software integration, is also flexible enough to display core elements such as products, services and education.

TOMTEC is derived from Tomographic Technologies and is therefore often abbreviated to TT. TT has been kept as the symbol of recognition and is used together with TOMTEC as the company logo, as well as in combination with the divisions: TOMTEC-ARENA (TTA) – our products division; TOMTEC SERVICES (TTS) – our services division; and TOMTEC ACADEMY (TTY) – our education division. These transformations have been made across the company to allow us to clearly focus on clients and their needs and to develop targeted solutions for them.

Together with the change of logo, the marketing materials, trade show appearances and software also have a completely new design, which will be rolled out worldwide in the coming months.


TOMTEC IMAGING SYSTEMS GMBH is a software provider offering medical and research-orientated ultrasound evaluation and healthcare IT solutions. A total of 100 employees develop, produce and distribute technically complex products in the field of 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound image processing and capture. The company, founded in 1990, is considered a global market leader in this field. http://www.tomtec.de


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